10 Tips for a Successful Play Card Box Design: How to Make Your Packaging Boxes Alluring

Play card packaging is one of the most popular ways to package any product. It’s not just a trend that has died down. It continues to be something that people are interested in today. But if you’re looking for some tips on how to make your play card boxes alluring, then this blog post is for you!

Do you want your customers to be drawn to your play card packaging? Then it is time for you to learn the tricks of the trade. One way that many people go about this is by considering their color palate. Sometimes, all that is needed are a few colors and some clever design choices to make these packages more enticing. Once you have designed these boxes, then it’s time for them to be put into production.

In this blog post, I will give you ten tips that will help improve how well your playing card boxes sell!

10 Tips for a Successful Play Card Box Design:

Play Around with Your Color Palette 

The first thing that attracts customers is the use of colors in the packaging. However, you can use it in such a way that it will suit the product. There are several colors palates available that you can use for this purpose.

Choose the Right Fonts

When it comes to fonts, there are two types. The first type is the standard font that you will see everywhere. These include Times New Roman and Arial.

The second one is a novelty or creative font that you can use to make your packaging boxes more unique! This includes various scripts like Brush Script MT and Grub Dingbats or decorative ones such as Bebas & Cabin Sketch, Curlz MT etcetera. If possible, try mixing up these different fonts for a more interesting look at the box itself!

Use Images Wisely 

Another thing to consider while designing play card packages is how you can utilize images within them in order to attract customers at first glance of their exterior design. Keep in mind the visuals of the box should be able to catch the eyes of your customers. So, try adding up images inside or outside the boxes that can stand out and make them want to buy it!

Be Mindful of Your Product’s Purpose 

Each box has its own purpose, and this is something to keep in mind when designing them. Some need to be able to protect their contents from damage, while others just need to attract customers with bright colors and beautiful designs.

There are also cases where your packaging must meet certain regulations, requiring more than one layer of poly bags for extra protection. Make the packaging box that fulfills the purpose of your product.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go One Step Further Than You Think Is Necessary. 

Littles things make bigger differences, so don’t be afraid to make your packaging boxes a little more special. You can do this by adding extra features like hanger holes or hang tabs. These are just some of the design elements that you should consider using to attract customers and sell more products, which is something every company wants!

Create Great Graphics That Work Well with Your Design 

Another good idea for making your product stand out from all the others on the market is coming up with great graphics. Graphic designers have many different options at their disposal when it comes to creating images, such as choosing fonts, colors, shapes, and patterns for these designs. Sometimes even simple things like changing font size or color can create significantly different visuals that don’t necessarily require fancy software that provides modern printing solutions for your packaging boxes.

Make Sure That the Box Feels Sturdy and Durable 

Another thing that you need to think about is the durability of your box. You want something that will stay closed and not allow people to easily open up what’s inside. Having a sturdy feeling package for these playing card boxes can help with sales because customers feel like they are getting their money’s worth when buying from you instead of going somewhere else.

The Play Card Boxes Should be Easy to Open

You also have to make sure that it is easy enough for most people out there without any special skills or tools on hand in order to get into this product packaging solution right away. There should be no tricks needed or even difficult lids that require scissors, knives, or other sharp objects as part of a complicated opening process before anyone can get annoyed while opening these packages.

Focus on making custom-friendly packaging boxes for your play cards. It will give a memorable packaging experience to the customers, and they will trust your brand.

Use a Reputable Manufacturer for the Production of These Boxes 

It is very important to find a reputable manufacturer for your custom playing cards boxes. It helps customers feel secure in purchasing products from you.  They know that the quality of work will be at par with their expectations and requirements. This also does not give them any room for complaints or returns. It can cost businesses money and time as well as lose loyal clients who would have otherwise supported brand loyalty.

Choose a packaging partner that can produce custom printed tuck boxes for your play cards. It will make your marketing job easy for you.

Never Forget to Think About Environmental Perspective:

One of the most important things to consider for play packaging is its environmental impact. In this age and time, it has become a mandatory requirement that companies contribute back towards protecting our planet earth. This goal is achievable by reducing waste and minimizing carbon footprint in every possible way they can. As such, you need to look at playing card boxes that are recycled or recyclable with environmentally friendly materials. For example, paper is made from wood pulp instead of trees.

This option is not only cheaper. It also provides better protection than cardboard. It easily becomes flimsy after multiple usage cycles making them undesirable as storage containers for businesses who have invested significant amounts in these products. Plus, there is an added advantage where your customers will help spread awareness about using sustainable supplies if you use eco-friendly cards boxes.