15 Must-Apply PhD Scholarships for Future Doctoral Students

Paying for a PhD can feel like climbing a mountain. Many students don’t know where to find financial help. This article lists 15 essential scholarships that could turn your doctoral dreams into reality, covering everything from merit-based awards to field-specific funds.

Keep reading – you might just find the key to funding your future!

Key Takeaways

  • Many scholarships help PhD students with their studies. These include merit-based, need-based, and field-specific scholarships.
  • Scholarships like the WayUp Dream Job No – Essay Scholarship and the Eduardo Uvaldo Memorial Scholarship offer financial support without needing an essay. This helps many students easily apply for aid.
  • Special scholarships exist for fields like sports broadcasting, nursing, educational leadership, and more. They support students in these specific areas to achieve their goals.
  • Some scholarships focus on helping minority and female doctoral candidates. This makes education more inclusive.
  • Federal grants and university PhD scholarships also support doctoral students by covering tuition, living expenses, and research costs.

Types of PhD Scholarships

PhD scholarships come in different forms: merit-based, need-based, and field-specific. Each type has its own criteria and requirements for eligibility.

Merit-basedMerit-based scholarships reward your hard work and achievements. These awards consider your grades, research skills, or special talents in areas like sports or music. Schools and organizations offer them to encourage students who excel academically or creatively.

You might need to show great test scores, a high GPA, or a strong portfolio.

Applying for merit-based financial aid means competing with other talented candidates. Some scholarships focus on specific subjects, supporting those pursuing advanced education in fields like science, humanities, or arts.

This type of funding helps reduce the cost of doctoral programs for students who have demonstrated excellence in their studies or extracurricular activities.


Government and private organizations offer need-based scholarships to support doctoral students with demonstrated financial need. These scholarships aim at providing financial assistance to students who require help in funding their doctoral studies due to economic constraints or other specific circumstances.

Many of these scholarships are open to international students, minorities, and women pursuing doctoral degrees across various fields, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in higher education opportunities.

Applicants can explore a wide range of need-based PhD scholarship programs that provide valuable financial aid for tuition, living expenses, research costs, and other academic necessities essential for successful completion of their doctoral studies.


Specialized PhD scholarships are available for certain fields of study such as nursing, law, business, and sports broadcasting. These targeted scholarships cater to the specific needs and goals of students within these fields.

Organizations like WayUp, Fulbright, and various universities offer field-specific scholarships to support doctoral candidates pursuing advanced studies in their respective areas of expertise.

These opportunities contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation within specialized academic disciplines by providing essential financial aid for future scholars.

Some doctoral programs require unique skills or a focus on particular subject areas such as educational leadership, research grants for academic studies, postgraduate opportunities in higher education funding among others.

15 Must-Apply PhD Scholarships

Explore a range of diverse and valuable PhD scholarships available to help fund your doctoral studies. These opportunities cover various fields and are open to different backgrounds, offering financial support for future doctoral students.

WayUp Dream Job No-Essay Scholarship

The WayUp Dream Job No-Essay Scholarship offers financial support to students pursuing doctoral degrees. This scholarship program does not require a lengthy essay, making it accessible and attractive to many applicants.

It aims to assist individuals in achieving their academic dreams by providing much-needed financial assistance, especially for those seeking advanced degrees in various fields such as educational leadership and business studies.

This scholarship opportunity aligns with the search keywords “financial aid for doctoral students,” “scholarships for PhD programs,” and “doctoral student financial support.” The simplicity of the application process makes it an ideal option for prospective doctoral candidates looking to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with pursuing advanced education.

Augustus L. Harper Scholarship

The Augustus L. Harper Scholarship offers financial aid for doctoral students pursuing educational leadership. It supports teachers and provides funding for doctoral studies, aiming to assist minority and female doctoral candidates in achieving their PhD degrees.

This scholarship presents a valuable opportunity for those seeking fully funded PhD programs or graduate school scholarships for educational leadership.

It is an advantageous funding option especially if you are looking for scholarships for teachers, doctorate degrees, or financial assistance for doctoral students. The Augustus L. Harper Scholarship aligns with the pursuit of PhD scholarship opportunities and contributes significantly to the pool of available financial aid for PhD students.

Eduardo Uvaldo Memorial Scholarship

The Eduardo Uvaldo Memorial Scholarship is an important opportunity for doctoral students, offering financial support to those pursuing their PhD. This scholarship specifically supports minority doctoral students and provides a valuable source of funding to help them achieve their academic goals.

With its focus on diversity and inclusion, the Eduardo Uvaldo Memorial Scholarship plays a crucial role in providing opportunities for underrepresented groups in higher education. This scholarship stands as a testament to the importance of supporting diverse voices in academia and contributes significantly to advancing educational equity.

DK Memorial Sports Broadcasting Scholarship

The DK Memorial Sports Broadcasting Scholarship supports students pursuing a PhD in sports broadcasting. This scholarship aims to encourage diversity and inclusion within the field, especially for minority students and women.

It provides financial support for research, tuition, and other educational expenses related to doctoral studies in sports broadcasting.

The DK Memorial Sports Broadcasting Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for aspiring doctoral candidates in this field, providing vital support that can help alleviate financial burdens associated with pursuing an advanced degree.

Daily Upside Business News Scholarship

The Daily Upside Business News Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for aspiring doctoral students interested in business and finance. This merit-based scholarship provides financial support to those pursuing a PhD program related to business, economics, or similar fields.

With its no-essay application process, the scholarship aims to support exceptional candidates without creating unnecessary barriers. Recipients of this award can benefit not only from the financial aid but also from the recognition and networking opportunities associated with The Daily Upside Business News Scholarship.

It offers a unique chance for doctoral candidates passionate about these disciplines to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with furthering their education while gaining valuable industry exposure and recognition.

OxStem Educational Scholarship

The OxStem Educational Scholarship offers financial support for doctoral candidates pursuing research in the field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. This merit-based scholarship aims to promote educational leadership by providing funding opportunities for international students, minority doctoral students, and female doctoral students.

The scholarship provides PhD funding and fellowships to support promising scholars in advancing their research and contributing to the progress of regenerative medicine. Recipients of the OxStem Educational Scholarship gain access to valuable resources and mentorship, empowering them to make significant contributions to the field of stem cell biology.

Eitel Scholarship

The Eitel Scholarship offers financial support to doctoral candidates pursuing educational leadership. This scholarship emphasizes merit-based criteria and is open to both domestic and international students.

The Eitel Scholarship provides significant funding for individuals dedicated to making impactful contributions in the field of educational leadership.

This opportunity aims to bolster the representation of minority and female doctoral studentsFederal grants for doctoral students, alongside scholarships like the Eitel Scholarship, contribute vital resources for those aspiring towards advanced degrees in education.

Susan Leslie Wood Memorial Nursing Scholarship

The Susan Leslie Wood Memorial Nursing Scholarship offers financial support for doctoral students pursuing nursing studies. This merit-based scholarship aims to assist female doctoral candidates in the nursing field, providing educational funding opportunities for those interested in advancing their careers.

The scholarship honors the memory of Susan Leslie Wood and is designed to provide much-needed assistance to minority and international doctoral students specializing in nursing.

Gloria J. Willis Memorial Scholarship

The Gloria J. Willis Memorial Scholarship provides financial support for female doctoral students pursuing studies in educational leadership. It aims to empower women to advance their careers and make a meaningful impact in the field of education.

This scholarship opportunity is open to international and minority doctoral candidates, offering them assistance as they strive towards academic excellence and leadership roles in education.

This scholarship supports female doctoral students, assisting them in educational leadership pursuits, promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the PhD programs, and providing financial aid opportunities for underrepresented groups.

She Rose Initiative’s “More Than a Conqueror” ScholarshipShe Rose Initiative offers the “More Than a Conqueror” Scholarship aimed at supporting female doctoral candidates. The scholarship focuses on providing financial support and educational opportunities for women pursuing their PhD programs.

This initiative aligns with the goal of empowering and uplifting women in academia, offering them a chance to excel in their educational pursuits and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields.

The “More Than a Conqueror” Scholarship signifies a commitment to fostering diversitygender equality, and academic excellence among doctoral students, creating impactful opportunities for aspiring female scholars.

Kamyar Afshar Advancement for Higher Education Scholarship

The Kamyar Afshar Advancement for Higher Education Scholarship supports doctoral students pursuing fields in educational leadership. This merit-based scholarship aims to provide financial support to minority, female, and international doctoral candidates.

The scholarship offers funding opportunities for PhD programs and encourages graduate students to pursue their academic goals in educational leadership. Recipients of this prestigious scholarship can utilize the financial aid towards their doctoral studies, creating a pathway for diverse voices in educational leadership.

This opportunity is especially beneficial for minority doctoral students seeking funding and support for their PhD programs. The Kamyar Afshar Advancement for Higher Education Scholarship presents an invaluable resource for underrepresented individuals pursuing doctoral degrees in educational leadership, offering them the necessary financial backing to achieve their academic aspirations.

Derrick Richardson Law Student Scholarship

The Derrick Richardson Law Student Scholarship is a prestigious opportunity for aspiring law students. This scholarship provides financial support to students pursuing a Juris Doctor (JD) degree, helping to alleviate the cost of legal education.

The scholarship seeks to recognize and reward exceptional academic achievement, dedication to the field of law, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the legal profession.

This particular scholarship embodies the spirit of empowering future legal professionals and promoting diversity within the legal landscape. It serves as an avenue for passionate individuals with a strong desire to contribute meaningfully to the legal field while alleviating some of the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education in law.

Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships

The Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships offer opportunities for international students to pursue graduate studies in the United States. These scholarships cover tuition, travel, and living expenses, providing support for students from various academic backgrounds.

Recipients are chosen based on academic excellence and leadership potential, making this an esteemed opportunity for doctoral candidates seeking financial assistance. The Fulbright program aims to foster cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations by supporting outstanding scholars.

This prestigious scholarship supports educational leadership among minority doctoral students and provides substantial funding opportunities for those pursuing PhD programs in the United States.

University PhD Scholarships

University PhD scholarships provide valuable financial assistance to doctoral students pursuing advanced degrees. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievementresearch potential, and extracurricular involvement.

They offer funding for tuition, living expenses, and research costs, providing crucial support for students throughout their doctoral programs.

These scholarships also help to attract outstanding international students and minority doctoral candidates. Additionally, they contribute to advancing educational leadership by supporting female doctoral students in diverse fields of study.

Federal Grants and Aid

Federal grants and aid provide crucial financial support for doctoral students pursuing their PhD programs. These funds are available to both domestic and international students, offering valuable assistance for covering tuition, research costs, living expenses, and other educational needs.

Doctoral candidates should explore various federal grant options such as the Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships and other field-specific aid opportunities tailored to their academic pursuits.

By tapping into federal grants and aid, doctoral students can alleviate financial burdens and focus on their scholarly endeavors. These funding resources play a vital role in providing equitable access to quality education within the higher education landscape.


Don’t miss out on these fantastic PhD scholarship opportunities. Take a step towards your doctoral dreams with these 15 incredible funding options. Apply now and secure your financial support for your PhD journey.

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1. What are PhD scholarships for future doctoral students?

PhD scholarships are financial support opportunities for students who want to pursue a doctorate degree, covering costs like tuition and living expenses.

2. Can international students apply for doctoral scholarships?

Yes, there are many scholarships specifically designed for international students planning to start their doctoral studies.

3. Are there any special scholarships for minority or female doctoral candidates?

Indeed! Scholarships exist solely to support minority and female candidates in their quest to achieve a PhD, providing them with the necessary funding opportunities.

4. Where can I find funding opportunities for my PhD program?

You can look into graduate scholarships, PhD grants and fellowships that offer financial help tailored to your educational leadership ambitions or any specific field of study.

5. How do these doctoral funding opportunities help students financially?

Doctoral student financial support helps cover various costs related to pursuing a doctorate, including tuition fees and living expenses, making it easier for scholars to focus on their studies.