Amitabh Bachchan remembers why he started flying the Indian flag in his home

Amitabh Bachchan recalls why he started flying the Indian flag in his home: In his latest blog, Amitabh Bachchan recalled the pride and patriotism he felt when he hoisted the national flag at his home in Allahabad on August 15, 1947, and wrote why he started hoisting the tricolor at Jalsa.

Amitabh Bachchan recalled the time he unfurled the national flag at his home in Allahabad and the feelings of patriotism and pride he felt as a child. Enjoying the tricolor in every house, the actor also shared pictures with the flag and wrote on his blog why he started hoisting the Indian flag in his home

In his blog, Amitabh recalled that private individuals were not allowed to fly the Indian national flag, except for a few days, until Member of Parliament Naveen Jindal moved the court and was granted the right to fly the flag. “He won the verdict in his favor and I immediately started hoisting my national flag in our homes as many who met at the gates on Sunday would have noticed the Jalsa. Of course there were various restrictions – when it should be raised, when it should be taken down, size, material and it had to be made of “Khadi” and by 2014 it was bought from a specialist shop in Bangalore – now renamed Bengaluru Gone . Now a campaign is underway to fly it with pride in every household.”

Amitabh also recalls the time when India gained independence in 1947: “On 15 August 1947, these memories slowly linger in the mind of independence and a five-year-old child holding a flag on the verandah of my humble house in Allahabad. Yes, it was filled. With the pride of patriotism, of identity, that I am and ours, that I am myself.”

He further added, “And since then on every occasion, every time it is played, the spirit that goes with it… The Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata and the Indo-Pak cricket match is one of the best to you sing it live. Named. The game started.. and filled the lakh ahad singing with me.. my pride to be an Indian!! Jai Hind!! And that blissful evening when India won the Cricket World Cup… Abhishek and I ran through the streets waving our car’s tricolor with hundreds of people shouting in the streets. ,

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