Anjali Arora Reaction: You Too Will Be Shocked After Seeing ‘Kacha Badam’ Girl Anjali Arora’s Leaked MMS

Lock Up fame Anjali Arora is making a lot of headlines. Earlier, she took her stunning performances to the Maldives and stole accolades. Now she is in the news because of the alleged MMS. His leaked MMS goes viral on social media seeing which everyone is surprised and also making all claims. Now Anjali Arora has reacted to these claims, let’s say what the actress has to say?

Such was the reaction of Anjali Arora

A new video is out of Anjali Arora who sent the internet into a frenzy with ‘Kacha Badam’. But before that, the news of their alleged MMS leak started coming to the fore. People claim that only Anjali Arora is seen in the video. But some people said that there is a girl in it who looks like Anjali. She’s not an actress. Now Anjali Arora has reacted on this whole matter.

many fans

Social media sensation Anjali Arora was in Mumbai to promote her new music video. In this interview, people asked him many questions.

Anjali Arora was also asked at the promotional event what she wanted to say about her alleged leaked MMS?

Anjali Arora refused to say anything on the question asked by the media and asked to ask another question. Now in such a situation, such a reaction of the actress raises many questions.

I'm making a date

people claim

Many people saw the video going viral and claimed that only Anjali Arora was seen in it. However, there is no concrete proof that the girl in this MMS is the same.

music video release

Anjali Arora’s new music video ‘Saiyaan Dil Mein Aana Re’ is out. She looks amazing in it. This song is from the 1951 film Bahaar starring Vyjayanthi Mala. Anjali is now dancing in her remake.

many fans

Anjali Arora has a huge fan following on Instagram. Here he has 11.6 million followers.

became famous

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