Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: After Vanraj, son Paritosh raised his own

Anupamaa spoiler alert

Star Plus’ show Anupama is taking new twists and turns these days. Anupama has left the Shah family and has come to live in her new house. Everyone is with him in this new journey except Baa, Vanraj, Kavya and Paritosh. Paritosh is very angry with his mother.

In Anupama, you saw that Dolly gets very angry with her mother and Vanraj and tells them many lies. Seeing this attitude of Dolly, Vanraj gets angry with her and asks her to sign the house papers. Dolly is shocked to see this and then signs the papers. Even baa doesn’t stop him from doing it.

Anupama’s episode on Monday is going to be a lot of fun. All the family members were having fun at Anupama’s house. Then Paritosh will come there and make a lot of noise. It also raises questions about Anupama’s character. Paritosh says you are so poor, so fallen and so characterless.

Hearing these words of Paritosh, Anupama slaps him hard and he falls on the ground. Anuj gets very upset seeing all this and goes to Vanraj’s house. Vanraj instigates her during this and Anuj speaks his heart out. Anuj tells everyone that he has been in love with Anupama for 26 years and still loves her.

By now you have seen Anupama and Samar leaving the Shah family. Kavya instigates Baa against Anupama, then makes Anupama sign the house papers. Babuji gets very angry with Ba knowing this.

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