Are dental implants any good?

For many decades, dentures were the standard replacement option for missing teeth. However, much has changed over the last couple of years. With the rapid evolution in the field of science, dentistry too has witnessed its own share of upgrades and innovations. Due to this, modern dentistry now claims that dental implants are a better and more robust tooth replacement option than traditional dentures. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are small root-form screws placed in the jawbone. Once the patients heal, your dentist or prosthodontist will restore the implants and place crowns on top. Such dental implants offer a permanent foundation to support the natural-looking crown. They thus offer better support and stability than traditional dentures or partial dentures.

Advantages of dental implants over traditional dentures

Here’s how dental implants in Canberra have been helping people in getting their smiles back.

  • Permanent solution: Dentures do not always offer a permanent solution and have to be periodically refitted or adjusted. However, that isn’t the case with dental implants. Once installed, these tend to last years and can even last a lifetime. Imagine never having to worry about your missing teeth again! It’s almost like having real teeth.

  • Easy to take care of: Whether you’ve got yourself individual dental implants or complete arch replacements, taking care of dental implants is fairly easy. Unlike dentures, which have to be removed nightly for cleaning, taking care of dental implants is akin to brushing your teeth.

  • Can’t tell the difference: You’d often find patients complaining about dentures that they do not fit well, even after repeated attempts of getting it refitted or adjusted. On the other hand, once you put dental implants on, you’d soon forget that they are not your teeth. They are not only very comfortable but are also life-like.

  • Eat what you want: Dental implants in Canberra offer a greater biting force than traditional dentures. Once you put them on, you can happily enjoy all your favorite food. The best thing about these is that you no longer have to worry about dislodging the teeth prior to having your meal or in between. In fact, many prosthodontists claim that in the case of dentures, the lower arch is prone to becoming unstable or wobbly.

  • Maintain a healthy smile: Dental implants protect the bone tissue and thus protect the nearby teeth from loosening in any way. In fact, dental implants prevent the remaining teeth from wobbling or shifting. When you chew your food, the force gets transmitted through the titanium post and encourages new bone growth just as it normally does through the roots of the teeth.

  • Smile with confidence: Dental implants would allow your prosthodontist or dentist/ doctor to install crowns that look almost like normal teeth. Thus, patients enjoy the confidence of having something akin to teeth and knowing that their smile looks great. It’s certainly a great comfort knowing that people wouldn’t know if your teeth are natural or are false crowns.

Key takeaway

So, in short, dental implants look and feel quite like normal teeth, and function just the same. Since they are surgically implanted, they bond with the bone. It’s a long-term solution and perhaps the only dental surgery that preserves the jawbone and prevents the bone from disappearing over time. Moreover, this is the only reliable treatment that doesn’t involve cutting down of neighboring teeth to provide support, as is the case in tooth-borne bridge therapy.

Now that we’ve pretty much figured out how dental implants in Canberra are a much better option over traditional dentures, make sure that you get the procedure done by the best prosthodontist specialist. Dental implants are expected to last long and thus, try to get it done from a reliable place – one known for similar surgeries, and has tons of reviews or testimonials online. Get in touch with some of those who wrote reviews and find out if they are satisfied with the results and would recommend the same prosthodontist.