Attack Movie Review of an attack film starring John Abraham Attack Film Review – John Abraham tries to serve a mixture of science and patriotism, fails in both


It began with a surgical strike in Pakistan led by Arjun Shergil (John Abraham). From there, the team captured Lashkar’s leader, Hamid Gul. The story moves a few months ahead. Ayesha (Jacqueline) comes into Arjun’s life. They are both living happily when one day there is a major terrorist attack at Delhi airport. Arjuna, who was wounded in the attack, paralyzed his entire body below the throat. He lives a sad life with his mother when the army remembers Arjun again.

The army wants to prepare a super soldier to deal with Lashkar’s new leader, Umar Gul, for whom Arjun has been chosen. A scientist (Rakul Priit) is developing a chip that can be mounted in the human brain. Then each command can be given to a person by an intelligent robotic assistant. This chip is mounted in Arjun’s mind. Arjun is soon preparing for his next mission. But in the meantime, a major terrorist attack is taking place against parliament. There, all ministers, including the prime minister, are imprisoned and some demands are made to the government. Now the government is fulfilling the request of the terrorists or super soldier Arjun will create some Chakravuh .. This is the story of the film.


John Abraham is a master of action, but he seems passionate about playing emotional scenes. Therefore, the song of John and his mother (Ratna Pathak) does not touch the heart, although it is emotional. The characters of Jacqueline and Rachel Pritt also suffer from poor writing. The director did not give him the opportunity to do much. Prakash Raj, Ratna Patak, Kiran Kumar, Ilham Ehsaas have done justice to their heroes.


Lakshya Raj Anand made his directorial debut with Attack. He previously worked as an assistant director on films such as Ek Tha Tiger and Bang Bang. This will be the first Hindi film made on the subject of Super Soldier, but Hollywood already tried it years ago. Is the director inventing something new or unique in “Attack”? No. Even as a super soldier, we see John Abraham on screen. We’ve seen him fight 20 people at once in movies before, and the same is true here. Yes, science has been used in history, but it does not attract. Directors have been seen following a formula made somewhere or the other. John-Jacqueline’s romantic song seems boring and disrupts the story.

technical side

The story of the film was written by John Abraham, the screenplay was given by Lakshya Raj Anand, Sumit Bhatedja and Vishal Kapoor. There are several dialogues in the film that catch your eye. Especially all dialogues related to patriotism seem very stagnant. The cinematography of Will Humphries, P. S. Vinod and Sumik Mukherjee also failed to set the film a distinct tone. Several sequences of actions are good; Especially the battle scene of John Abraham in parliament and the scene of persecution on the streets of Delhi. The VFX of the film is average, while the editing could have been tightened a bit more.


The music of the film is given by Shashvat Sachdev, which is average. There are many songs in the story that try to connect you with the characters. But the songs do not touch the heart. The background of the film is good. It arouses interest, especially in action scenes.

I see or I don’t see

There’s nothing new in this John Abraham movie that you haven’t seen before. If you are a fan of John, then you can watch this movie once, otherwise you do not waste your precious time on the weekends. 2 stars for “Attack” by Filmibeat.

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