Bachchhan Paandey boxing office weekend sunday collection against cashmere files RRR problems for akshay kumar. Bachchhan Pandey Boxing Office Weekend Sunday Collection. Cashmere Files. Big problems for RRR Akshay Kumar

Bachchan Pandey won 37.50 kroner over the weekend

According to the report, even on Sunday, Bachchan Pandi’s income was close to 12 kroner. In such a situation, Bachchan Pandey won only 37.50 kroner over the weekend. For comparison, if you look at The Kashmir Files, then on Friday, ie. on Holly’s day, The Kashmir Files made 19.15 crores.

Kashmir’s files won 167.45 kroner

Kashmir’s files won 24.80 kroner on Saturday. On Sunday, The Kashmir Files won 26.20 kroner. Which is much more than Bachchan Pandey. In such a situation, The Kashmir Files earned a total of 167.45 kroner at the box office in 10 days. Soon this film may also cross the 200 crore mark.

Will Bachchan Pandi manage to get a budget of 200 crores?

The budget of Bachchan Pandey is nearly 200 kroner. The film was expected to break records on Saturday and Sunday. Bachchan Pandey has good profit growth in Mumbai and Gujarat. In UP, Bihar, this film by Akshay Kumar also received a good response in terms of profits. The release of RRR could also be a big hurdle for this film.

Is this the reason for the decline in profits in Bachchan Pandey?

The biggest reason for the decline in Bachchan Pandi’s profits is the mania for The Kashmir Files. The film is shown in theaters to the public by buying tickets for The Kashmir Files. As it is tax-exempt in 8 states, the price of movie tickets is also low. At the same time, women, from men to the younger generation, reach out to theaters to see the good content and painful reality of Kashmiri pandits on screen. Kashmir’s files have benefited the most from publicity, even after leaks.

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