Best Hindi Thriller Web Series: You will surely be shocked to see these web series

Best Hindi Thriller Web Series:

Nowadays more than one web series comes in the form of OTT in which the demand of content is also increasing, due to the increasing demand of web series, we can release web series full of crime and thriller in many OTT platforms. Moving on, today we are going to tell you about some such best crime thriller web series that will keep you filled with suspense.

Best Hindi Thriller Web Series:

Macia Kand:

Best Hindi Thriller Web Series
Image credit: MX Player

You must have heard about this web series. It takes a lot of effort to put out the fire.

Matsya goes to jail after blowing up the petrol pump where he meets pandit ji and pandit ji also teaches him the methods so that he easily defeats his enemies, not only that he also imprisons pandit ji Matsya. It also helps in going out.

Now after that the fish keeps on changing its shape and doing different adventures if you want to know what it’s name is how it does it for you. Matsya Kand Thriller Web Series It has to be seen

OTT platform of this web series MX player Where you can watch its 11 episodes.

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Crack Down Web Series:

Best Hindi Thriller Web Series
Image credit: IMDB

Crackdown web series is directed by Apoorva Lakhia which you can easily watch on Voot Select, its story is based on RAW Agent in which you are shown well about terrorism and politics.

In the Crack Down Web Series, a RAW team is shown killing eight terrorists in Delhi, including Maryam, who continues to work under the Pakistani master, followed by the entry of a girl named Divya, who is Maryam’s.

Now Divya is sent to Pakistan instead of Maryam where Divya informs RAW about all the conspiracies done by Pakistan then there are many twists and turns in the story if you also want to watch this web series. Vote Select You can go and watch all his episodes.

Rejctx Web Series:

Best Hindi Thriller Web Series

Rejctx web series The story starts with Aarav and his friends studying in Elite International School who want to create a different identity in their school, the twist in this web series comes when CM Aarav’s son is kidnapped, now To know the answers to all these questions, why was aarav kidnapped? Zee 5 You must watch 10 episodes of Rejctx Web Series

This web series is also a complete mystery thriller (Thriller Web Series) After watching this, you too will surely be surprised.

these are some Best Hindi Thriller Web Series Which you must see.

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