Best Places to visit in Mauritius

Find this tiny sky on the southwest side of the Indian Ocean. This tropical island offers you more than expected, with a vibrant community, friendly people, and warm temperature. There are unbelievable and serene untouched beaches, splendid waterfalls, nature parks, botanical gardens, and remarkable geological sites.

Because of its hot temperature and the incredible beaches on the island, many visitors around the world visit Mauritius. Imagine sandy pristine beaches, turquoise lagoon, bright blue sky, humid weather, and stunning views of the ocean. Only those beaches like Flic en Flac, Le Morne, Trou aux Biches, Prayer and the beach of Belle Mare would you like to be. Nothing else. In particular, during the summer seasons between August and December, these beaches will cater to many visitors and local people. Look for local hawkers who sell local dishes or local restaurants to delight your taste buds.

Sir Seewoosagur Botanical Garden

In the northern part of Mauret with an area of 37 hectares, the Botanical Garden of Sir Seewoosagur also known as the Garden of Pamplemousses is situated.

The Victoria Amazonica, known for its numerous plant species, especially the giant water lily with its 2-meter diameter leaves and astonishing white flowers.

The Garden of Pamplemousses dating back to the 18th century is classified in the South as the oldest garden.

In the first place, the French governor Mahe de Labourdonais built the garden for his own purpose and was visited widely by tourists year-round, but later the horticulturalists Pierre Poivre enlarged it. Who brought a couple of species of plants including cloves and nutmeg.

The ebony, sugar cane, pine, teak, mahogany trees, large bamboo trees, and 85 palm varieties of Central American, Asian, African, and islands are found across the Indian Ocean. The palms are also visible in Mauritius.

Together they encounter beautiful animals including tortoises, deers, ducks, and fishes in the swimming pool. Have a nice walk and enjoy the unique fragrance of the different exotic flowers found in the garden.

Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel

The Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel is a natural phenomenon formed by basaltic lava, which is distinguished by the incredible geological formation of the soil. The soil has a peculiar character because the decomposition process exposes it in various color shades. The glistening slopes of red, black, green, blue, purple, and many other colors can be seen here!

Surprisingly, you will gradually settle down in separate layers if you mix the various colored earth together! This geological formation intrigues still many people because, despite the adverse weather conditions, the colors never erode.

You will enjoy the lovely view of the colored wooden fence-protected planet. In the city, there are also nearby curio-shops selling the colorful earth with tiny test tubes.

Have a good time walking around the wonderful, lush setting. Any giant tortoises can easily be found.

Black River Gorges National Park

Get astounded by the enchanting beauty of the 67.54 km2 Black River Gorges National Park, 2% of the rolling hills in the dense indigenous forest in the Southwest of the island.

It is certainly worth visiting the flora and fauna of that exquisite natural beauty whether you enjoy a walk in the middle of nature, or want to hike further. Find out about the magnificent waterfall, pristine river, picnic areas, large canyons, and dramatic mountains that produce panoramic views!

Enjoy the incredible natural beauty in the indigenous forests! Around 311 native flowering plants and 9 endemic bird species with giant fruit bats are found in the region.

Among other birds at risk are the Mauritius shrimp, the echo parakeet, the rose palm, the flying fox, the Mauritian bulbul, and the olive of Mauritius.

The wild boar, macaque monks, and deers are also added.

Ganga Talao

Ganga Talao in the District of Savanne is considered by the devotees of Mauritius as a holy lake in the South of the Island. It is also a peaceful oasis, with panoramic views alongside.

A crater lake that resides in navy beings such as fish and great ales, this incredible spiritual place. It is located in the midst of the endemic and animal species mountain range. An eye-friendly feast!

Experience the cultural aspect of the temples depicting different Hindu gods and deities. You can quickly find Lord Shiva’s majestic statue, streaming from his dull hair a flow of water.

The Hanuman temple on top of the lake hill is to be visited. It is recommended. You will really enjoy an impressive view of the whole site there.

Carry a few bananas with you to feed the beautiful and curious apes.

La Vanille Crocodile Park

La Vanille Crocodile is a beautiful park located in the southern part of Mauritius near the popular ‘Rivière des Anguilles’ river, a reserve full of lush greenery with exotic animals from all over the world.

The reserve is surrounded by 3.5 hectares of fine flora and fauna. These include bananas, bamboo plants, stunning palm trees, rainforests, and rare animals such as crocodiles, geckos, and giant tortoises.

In addition, you will see more than 20,000 insect species! Do not skip the world’s biggest private butterfly collections!

The vast number of species from Madagascar, the Mascarene, and other areas of the world will possibly be seen.

In the restaurant Le Crocodile Affamé, which is part of the reserve, you can taste meat, besides contemplating the beauty of the fervent crocodiles.