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5 Alternatives To Google AdWords That Hardly Used By Advertisers


Are you looking for some well-demanding alternatives to Google AdWords? Despite the range of perks offered by Google AdWords, advertisers make sure they have a few alternatives to explore. 

Well, a few popular advertising platforms that are usually

preferred by the advertisers are Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Amazon

Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. Guys, here in this article, we will highlight those ads generating platforms that are hardly used but still has a strong presence. You

can even share this knowledge with the experts of your PPC management company in Delhi or Mumbai. Just have a look. 

5 Uncommon alternatives to Google AdWords 

1.      AdRoll: AdRoll makes the

advertisement process easier for businesses. Usually, e-commerce businesses and advertisers who prefer advanced audience targeting, choose this platform to advertise their products across the right audience.  

The best thing about AdRoll is it utilizes many social networks like Instagram, Yahoo,

Taboola, and Outbrain to help businesses reach out to the right audience across the globe. From tracking the users to launching remarketing campaigns, AdRoll is specialized in managing advertisements in multiple ways. AI predictions, advanced tracking, and business profiles are a few astounding features of AdRoll. 


2.         Outbrain: Outbrain, unlike other

advertising channels is designed to discover and promote brand content with native advertising. It ensures all your target audience read out your content and make a decision wisely.  Outbrain has a collection of 100000 websites including CNN, Sky News, and MSN. With the lowest pay per click, it brands the content online, advertising the subject to the right one. The channel is rising at a high pace and is expected to compete with the vast platforms of Google and Facebook in this case. 


3.      Reddit Ads

Looking for something that can be used by generation-z? Here come Reddit Ads, rich with 1.6 billion monthly visitors. On Reddit, you are not just allowed to advertise your products, instead, you can even use this platform to discuss any topic and connect with different communities of the same niche. Like Instagram and Facebook, Reddit provides sponsored posts within the news feed. Users scrolling their feeds often get converted to potential buyers whenever they find such ads. You can customize your campaigns based on customer interests, location, and frequently visited subreddits. 

Ads on Reddit are comparatively cheaper. If you are looking for some cost-effective alternative to your Google AdWords, you can definitely go for this platform. 



BuySell Ads: Do you want to belong

to the buy-sell marketplace? In this case, the Buy-Sell ad station is a great

choice. It is a marketplace where both publishers and advertisers are found

available. On this platform, publishers can list their websites while advertisers appear directly to make investments. Publishers have the access to confirm or reject ads. Whenever they approve any ad, it gets displayed on the website and the specified money is transferred to the account. It is one of the easiest platforms to earn money by promoting any advertisements.  



Snapchat Ads: Snapchat is almost similar to other social media advertising platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is a generation-z advertising channel that pays more attention to mobile advertising. 

 By advertising your products on this channel, you can reach out to mobile users and create a tendency to convert them into potential buyers. A high chance of engagement and huge connections are possible using this station. 



Which one do you think will be better for advertising your

brand? Be it your AdRoll, Outbrain, or Reddit Ads, you get the freedom to

explore different styles of advertisements. Don’t forget to read out the

guidelines and policies before running your ad campaign. That’s the most

essential thing!

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