Box office forecast, day 1. Runway 34. Pre-booking occupancy rate compared to Heropanti occupancy 2. Box office opening day 1. Track earnings 34. Pre-booking occupancy rate. Heropanti 2 Advance booking, occupancy rate, opening profit

Heropanti 2 forward with advance reservation

The biggest clash at the box office in front of Runway 34 is Heropanti 2. Heropanti 2 overtook track 34 in terms of pre-bookings. Regarding the pre-booking of track 34, the figure is said to be only up to 5 percent compared to Heropanti. According to media reports, Heropanti 2 has a registered employment rate of 25 percent.

Track 34 occupancy rate behind Heropanti

In terms of pre-booking, there are a number of shows near Track 34. Heropanti 2 has a 15 percent occupancy rate in Bangalore. By comparison, the pre-booking speed near track 34 is also very slow. Only insignificant.

The account is not opened upon prior reservation

The employment rate of Heropanti 2 in Chennai is 10 to 15 percent. Ajay Devgan’s film gets 5 to 10 percent employment in Chennai compared to other cities. In Pune, Heropanti 2 also maintains 10 to 15 percent employment. Here, too, the account of Runway 34 is not visible to be opened with prior reservation.

Advance booking from 40 to 45 percent

In case of pre-booking in Kolkata, Heropanti 2 has a occupancy rate of 40 to 45 percent. There is no collection of the ticket showcase for track 34.

Win the Heropanti 2 from the first day of armor

According to the box office report, Tiger Shrof’s Heropanti 2 could win 10 to 12 kroner on the first day. Even if this film wins 8 to 10 crowns, it will be considered a good start. The budget of Heropanti 2 is nearly 130 crores. Heropanti 2 is released on a total of 2,500 screens.

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