Brahmastra Part One Shiva Weekend Box Office Takes 25 Percent Giant Leap Over 100 Crores | Brahmastra Weekend Box Office: Ranbir Kapoor takes a huge leap

45 crores on Sunday

On Sunday, Brahmastra earned 45 crores while performing well at the box office. It took its place in the top 10 single day grossing Hindi films. Before Brahmastra, films like War, Thugs of Hindostan and Happy New Year joined this list.

25% more than opening

Brahmastra had an opening of 36 crores. On Saturday the film earned 41 crores and on Sunday this figure reached 45 crores. The film has earned a total of Rs 123 crore since its release till Sunday, increasing its earnings by 25 percent. This film is expected to end the drought of Bollywood.

Large occupancy was registered in cinemas

While the occupancy rate remained low on Friday and Saturday, occupancy was recorded on Sunday by tearing thatch in the theater. Overall, Brahmastra recorded 60 percent occupancy at theaters on Sunday. The highest occupancy here was in the evening, when this figure reached 76 percent. At the same time, the occupancy of the night show was also up to 50 percent. This figure was 45 and 65 percent in the morning and afternoon.

Occupancy reached 80 – 90 percent

Interestingly, on the third day of its release, Sunday, September 11, Brahmastra also reached 80 – 90 percent occupancy in many cities in the evening shows. These include cities like Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad. The occupancy rate in no major city has fallen below 50%, which is a good sign for the film.

He will be able to pass the test on Monday

The next challenge for Brahmastra will be passing the test on Monday. So far this year only one film has passed the test and that is The Kashmir Files. Kashmir shares had gained higher since opening on Monday. However, it is believed that Brahmastra will not be able to pass this test and on Monday the film’s earnings are estimated to be between 16 – 20 crores.

410 crore movie

Brahmastra may have earned 123 crores in just 3 days, but still the film could turn out to be a blockbuster. The reason is Brahmastra’s budget. The budget of Brahmastra is 410 crores and it is the most expensive film in the history of Hindi cinema. In such a situation, it has to be seen whether the film can make its budget at the box office or not. If this happens, it will become the highest grossing film in Hindi cinema.

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