Brave actress: This star’s niece broke all the boundaries in the very first web series, giving such intimate scenes; people locked their rooms

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Brave Actress: movies and TV series Pallavi Joshi has left such an impression that everyone is going crazy for her performance. Even Pallavi Joshien) was also awarded the National Film Award. But do you know that Pallavi Joshi’s niece gave such scenes in her first web series that she was in the headlines even more than Ashram web series. It is even included in the top trend. The special thing is that the actress who plays the lead role in this web series and fiercely spoofs the bold scenes is Pallavi Joshi’s niece. Whose name is Anuja Joshi and she appears in the web series ‘Hello Mini’.

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Anuja Joshi’s web series Hello Mini was so bold that it ran for several seasons. You can also guess the popularity of this web series in such a way that it has also left behind Baba Nirala’s Ashram web series.

Very few people know that before appearing in the web series, Anuja started her career as a model in the glamor world. Anuja was raised only in America.

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