Cashmere Collection Day Files Box 11 reaches 200 crore clash with Rajamouli RRR Box Office.

Kashmir files earn 200 kroner

The Kashmir Files have abandoned Bachchan Pandi in terms of box office revenue. But Rajamuli’s RRR film comes out on March 25th. In such a situation, the question arose whether The Kashmir Files will be able to touch the figure of 200 crores. Rajamouli’s RRR is issued in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada with a budget of 400 crores.

What will happen to The Kashmir Files in 3 days?

In such a situation, RRR will be launched on a large scale with many more screens. Obviously, the way The Kashmir Files’ winnings stopped within 14 kroner on the 11th day, he will have to earn more than 30 kroner in 3 days to be able to register a profit of 200 kroner.

Here is the highest profit of The Kashmir Files

According to media reports in The Kashmir Files, the 1990 film about the atrocities of the Kashmiri pandits was reserved for the group. In such a situation, the reservation of this film is fast in UP, Bihar, Delhi, and Punjab. The Kashmir Files, released on March 11, was previously released on 700 screens.

RRR will get the maximum number of screens, and then big profits

Then, seeing the audience’s response, it was released directly on 4,000 screens. It remains to be seen whether The Kashmir Files continues to win even after the release of RRR. The pace of RRR’s earnings will definitely be seen by The Kashmir Files among Hindi audiences. RRR’s huge profits are expected in the south.

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