Customize your reading experience

Teachers can be students, and students can be teachers. Together.”

Online education has completely changed the brick and mortar classrooms into three-dimensional visual rooms with invisible walls. More precision, no space, no walls, a bright and colourful screen just as things move like a montage in theatres. Isn’t that fun?

Indeed, that is why students find this new approach to learning so fascinating. Statistics say that the rate of arrival has increased significantly, thanks to the intervention of audio-visual learning tools. Now, students can read for themselves whenever they want. This flexibility not only ensures the building of self-control but also enhances results from learning to a higher level. Not only that, but now students can also choose how they want to study.

Sometimes we prefer to just listen, sometimes we prefer to read while watching. Then there are times when we want to immerse ourselves in it and learn while doing it while experiencing it. Also, there are times when we just want to read or write anything that is put into our brain. Guess what, you choose and they deliver. By ‘see’ I mean the various educational forums that are always available when you need them. Just log in and get started. It’s that simple.

Everyone has a different way of learning, so if a student is not interested in learning the way the speech is presented then all learning work becomes useless. Energy wasted is almost completely useless. Technology, as always, has found a solution to this problem. There are now several LMS where courses are offered in a variety of formats to ensure that learning comprehension is improved to the highest level and the best results are to come. No, it does not in any way imply that we need to filter the students by what they usually choose the type of reading. That would be to divide students into categories that could impair their growth potential. Favourites change over time. Let me illustrate this with an example. It’s a weird example of the genre but anything that explains ideas better. Suppose a man was a thief ten years ago and was sentenced to two years in prison. Also, by the time he got out of prison he was still a completely changed person, a better person. However, one day a crime occurred when he was just a spectator when the real perpetrator of the crime fled. The police found her there and arrested her on the grounds that she was a prisoner. Do you really think it is worth doing? No, that’s fine. People change over time as well as their habits, likes and dislikes. If I associate this with my previous statement of why it is wrong to classify students on the grounds that they want to be delivered their studies, you may agree with me now because it makes no sense at all. In addition, it results in the learning of limitations where the main purpose of making any distinction from the original is to make it more relaxed, independent and focused on the learners.

Like any other domain, we have to look at digital education more carefully as we critique it. Common ideas and feedback are very much needed to empower more than conventional learning methods. Just the thought of being good will not work. Everything is flawed and definitely makes mistakes because we only learn about them and this time the machines too.

While symmetrical learning helps students to communicate directly with their teachers, an unconventional learning approach provides flexibility depending on time schedules because lessons are recorded and can be broadcast on demand. The necessary resources to add to the lessons are available in the form of blogs, documents or sometimes as a direct recording recorded by the teacher for any deficiency in clarity. If both methods do not work then there are mixed learning methods where technology is used whenever needed while the lesson is given to students in regular physical classes.

Regardless of the method used, the main motive is to make the learner learn and in order for that to happen open and frank communication is needed between students and teachers. Therefore, any suit should be used as a means of communication. If there is any problem that the student is facing, whether digital or social, it must be considered to represent that carefully in order to produce the best student skills.