Details of Prithviraj’s budget and box office – Akshay Kumar’s film must exceed 600 rupees to become a blockbuster | Prithviraj Budget and Box Office Gathering: Akshay Kumar’s Movie Will Have to Win So Much to Become a Blockbuster

A blockbuster or super hit will happen with so much profit

According to the report, the film will have to make a theatrical collection of over 650 crores to be a blockbuster. While to get the status of a super hit, you will need to do business from 550 to 600 crores.

It will hit!

The same, with a profit of 350 to 400 crowns, the film can fall into the hit category. While if the income from the film is below that, then they will be average. This time, however, it will be very difficult for the film.

Mass release planning

If the reports are to be believed, Yash Raj Films plans to release Prithviraj on a large scale. The film will be released on full screens not only in India but also abroad.

Inspired by Pritviraj Raso

The film is inspired mainly by the epic of Chand Bardai Pritviraj Raso. Prithviraj Raso is an epic written in Hindi that depicts the life and character of Prithviraj in the best possible way.

The director of the film Chandraprakash Duvedi believes that the tales of great warriors like Pritviraj are very relevant even in today’s age, where good is in constant conflict with evil.

stellar radiation

The film also stars Ashutosh Rana, Sakshi Tanwar, Manav Vij, Lalit Tiwari and Kranti Ja in important roles.

Prithvi Raj Chauhan

Pritviraj Chauhan (rule: 1178-1192) achieved military success against several neighboring Hindu kingdoms. In particular, he succeeded against the king of Chandela Parmardidev. He also halted the initial invasion of the ruler of the Gori dynasty, Mohammed Gori.

a tribute to courage

Speaking about the film, Akshay Kumar had said: “This is our tribute to his valor and his life. The more I read about him, the more I wondered how he stood up for his country and his values. How to live each and every moment of your glorious life.

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