Difficulties in spice export that lead to failure

Spice export is the concerned business for many people working in spice markets.  Spice exporters are constantly facing the trade issue and are looking for resolutions for their export problems. All the trade challenges and their resolutions are informed through this write-up. To get everything in mind you have to read out this article till the end that will lead you to a way you can skip those difficulties with the help of the exact solutions.  

Leading Spice Exporter

No doubt, India is the leading producer and exporter of spices. Almost 75 varieties of spices out of the world’s total spices are exported by India. The Indian spices are known for their flavor, aroma, pleasant taste, and authenticity.

Spice Exporters Problems

  Various problems and spice export constraints are faced by exporters due to different rules and regulations of different countries.

Some of the common problems faced by the exporters are:

Middlemen issue 

Linguistic problem 

Freight issue 

Long time duration 

Logistics problem 


  • Middlemen Issue: The first major difficulty on the way of Indian spice exporters are Middlemen. They increase the price of the commodity and the exporter has to pay an extra amount for the same commodity.

  • Linguistic Problem: Despite huge Global demand for Indian spices in the Global Market, Indian Exporters are unable to export spices because of Language problems. They are scared of representing themselves as an outstanding exporter of India that’s why they cannot reach out to the point where they can close profitable deals with the importer at their best price.   

  • Logistics Problem: If somehow, they would able to do so, the next difficulty they must face is in finding containers on the considered port to load their spices. According to the survey on Indian exporters after the pandemic reveals that above 153 global deals had been delayed or canceled for not having containers on an appropriate amount of money. 

  • High Logistic Charges: The charges per container are being fluctuated at four times more than the actual price from 2018 to 2021. According to google, freight is increasing from 2000US$ to 8000US$ in the last couple of years that impacts exporters, Farmers, or peasants who are unable to get their best price and sell their spices to Verified Global Buyers.   

  • Time Consuming Process: The next difficulty is faced by Indian exporters of spices is time hectic schedule to export spices of India to other countries. The complete process if you do it on your own that seems too outdated in this technological world can take up to 10 days to see things in places. Sellers might face these given issues below: 

  • Sellers receive generalized inquiries and most of the inquiries are not relevant to them. 

  • Sellers do not get extensive digital marketing support. 

  • The seller has to follow so many steps to complete a sale. 

  • The other channel used by the seller does not ensure payment. 

These all issues are manipulating India’s exporters and need to be resolved from the perspective of the government otherwise People who are exporting stuff or spices can be in a critical situation where their fingers are only to be seen by the Saviour.   

The Next step is to eradicate those existing issues in a minute    

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