Do you keep these 5 things next to your head while you sleep, remove them immediately! can become the cause of destruction

Usually you must have noticed that big-The elders tell us some special things and in them things should not be held to the head. According to Vastu Shastra, having these things near the head during sleep increases the effect of strong negativity and inauspiciousness in life.

This can not only bring poverty and poverty in the house but also have a bad effect on your professional life and wealth. Tell us today according to Vastu which things are advised to keep away from the head while sleeping.

wallet or purse

According to Vastu, under no circumstances should you sleep with your bag or wallet by your side. Money does not stop in the hands of those who do this, even after asking for lakhs. Their costs continue to increase unnecessarily and wildly. So it would be better if you keep these things in a safe place in the cupboard or in a safe place and sleep.

chain or rope

We should never keep a rope or chain around our head while sleeping at night. In the lives of those who do this, adversity or obstacles never disappear or become less. You start to fail again and again on the career and work front. Even simple tasks of such people can be completed with great difficulty.

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