Don’t sleep with a married director even after you’ve forgotten, the famous actress’ advice to new heroines

Bollywood’s well-known and powerful actress Neena Gupta has been garnering news for the past few days. There are two reasons for this, the first is due to the strong acting in his web series Panchayat. The second reason is that it attracts more people to itself.

In fact, he wrote his autobiography and this book is available for sale on Amazon. Nina made many revelations in this book. Neena started her acting career in 1982 doing small roles in films like ‘Saath-Saath’ and ‘Gandhi’.

Work in the industry started in the industry since 1982 her lead actress with a full life Eager to work as a But surprisingly, he did not get a single film to play the lead role.

Finally, this wish of Neena Gupta was fulfilled in the 2018 film Badhaai Ho, but alas, she was already 60 years old. But still this movie Badhaai Ho turned out to be a big turning point in his life. This is the film that won her the Filmfare Award for Best Actress.

the book is bound to be a buzz

Neena Gupta’s film journey has been a lot of ups and downs so far. He has printed all this in his book as it is. In the book he has all the experiences from his struggle to the casting couch written very candidly.

But one of his statements is much discussed, he gave advice to the new actresses who came to work in the industry. Neena Gupta has clearly stated in her book that “Never sleep with a married director or producer”.

In one of the chapters of her autobiography “If I could turn back time…” (If I could go back to life then…) Nina Gupta writes: “Never sleep with a married director or producer.

It may seem casual for a while because nowadays everyone is doing it and it’s accepted. But by doing this, you will never be able to work with that director-producer again.

Now it has happened, but it is not clear whether Neena Gupta gave her opinion on the new heroines or scratched any of her old wounds. When his book gets into people’s hands, there are bound to be many more revelations.

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