Epilation vs Laser Hair Removal: Which One is Better Hair Removal Treatment?

 Unwanted body hair, uneven skin and more other problems can significantly be bygones with the right hair removal treatment. But the number of treatment options that you get for hair removal can be pretty overwhelming.

Especially when it comes to choosing the right hair removal solutions, the two procedures come up pretty often and these are – epilation and laser hair removal. Almost every major skin clinic offers epilation laser Montreal or in other locations these hair removal solutions.

But the real concern is which one is the better option to choose. Well, fret not! We are here to simplify things and give you some key details about these two popular hair removal solutions. It will help you decide for the better option to choose and get smooth and flattering skin.


Epilation hair removal means that using the epilator device for removing body hair. The device is basically mechanical tweezers or rotating rollers that grasp the body hair and extract them from the root. The regrowth of body hair with the use of an epilator is comparatively slower than the use of waxing creams or shaving.

You can also have smoother skin and close hair removal results in comparison to shaving methods. The Epilation hair removal process is fast as the device tweezes out multiple body hair at once. You can consider epilation as a tweezing of body hair but in an amplified way.

Is it an effective process?

It works just as good as tweezing. With the process of epilation, the body hair is removed from the dermis that is the layer beneath the skin surface. Unlike other methods like hair removing cream and shaving which removes hair only from the skin surface (epidermis), epilation works better.

You will have to go for an epilation hair removal process very often in comparison to shaving. Since regrowth of body hair will take longer time to appear.

Will it be painful?

Well, it won’t be an absolutely painless experience but it definitely won’t be something which you cannot tolerate. Just like how you get used to the pain of waxing, you will soon get used to the discomfort caused by the epilation hair removal.

The level of pain would be more in some sensitive areas like armpits, bikini line, etc. plus, you will have to go for the process again when the hair grows back.


In the Laser hair removal process, ultra-concentrated powerful laser technology is used to target the hair follicles. The heat produced from the laser works effectively to destroy the hair follicles.

Since the process destroys the hair follicles, the regrowth of hair is stopped. Therefore, Laser hair removal treatment is a permanent solution for hair removal. With laser hair removal treatment, you will notice up to a 90% decrease in body hair.

Is it an effective process?

Although the laser hair removal process is effective for removing hair permanently, the process includes damaging the hair pigment. This is why this hair removal treatment is not for everyone.

People with grey or red hair are not fitted to go through this process.

Will it be painful?

It can be absolutely pain free if the epilation laser Montreal or any other location clinics are an expert. You can have the process done successfully without feeling any discomfort or pain.