Even after 9 years of marriage, this beautiful actress has not become a mother, she is upset after hearing people’s questions

In India, there are beliefs that couples should have children after marriage. It is often expected that the first job after marriage
There should be family planning and if a couple does not have a child immediately after marriage, then people, especially the women in the family, start questioning them. Most women have to face these questions. How many times a married woman is asked when she will have a child. Such questions are asked not only in the lives of ordinary people, but also by great actresses.

Recently, Punjabi actress and popular in the TV world Sargun Mehta was also asked the same question that after so many years of her marriage, when will she have a child?What are her plans for Rengi and becoming a mother? Sargun is not the only actress to be asked this question. Recently, Debina Banerjee, who became a mother, had to listen to such questions. Debina became a mother after 12 years of marriage and for a long time she was asked similar questions. Know what Sargun replied about having a child.

In the interview, when Sargun was asked when she would become a mother, her response was that, “It seems that’s the only thing left that is expected of a couple. It would shake the foundations of the entire marriage if the couple only had to do one thing.

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