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Have you heard the story about this frog and the scorpion? If you haven’t, you’ll hear this story twice at Darlings. Once at the beginning and once at the climax. But in the story, who will become the frog in the favorites and who will be the scorpion, you will find out as the story progresses. Will there be two frogs in the story by the end of it or will there be two scorpions, this will also show you the climax and kudos to the Darlings team for this.


Shefali Shah and Alia Bhatt sit in the roles of Shamsu and Badru like chameleons. Seeing them at first glance will give you an idea of ​​their characters. Shefali Shah’s sharp eyes but empty eyes and Alia Bhatt’s strong eyes despite being a helpless deal will get you excited for the upcoming story and would you like to know if these two share the same story? Or how different from each other. Vijay Varma perfectly suits the character of a ruthless husband filled with love interest, but this story is not his and you will miss the script at many places.

supportive character

Roshan Mathew is in a supporting role in the film but nothing comes from his parts to strengthen the script. He is only used as a prop in this story. As well as the other supporting characters of the film – Kiran Karmakar and Rajesh Sharma. It’s not that there wasn’t room for these characters in the movie, but they weren’t given much attention and you’ll see that while watching the movie.

technical side

This is Jasmeet’s directorial debut and she manages to make a largely good film. However, Darlings has its flaws, and those flaws may not be there in the story, but they definitely show on screen. The first half of the film tries to keep you engaged with every second, every frame, turning into an intense drama, while after the interval, the film seems to leave quickly. If numbers are to be tried, you can give full numbers to Jasleen’s direction here, which tries to keep the second half black comedy interesting and half-hearted.

Good dialogue balances the film

The shortcomings of Darlings are largely balanced by its good dialogue. Why do these dead people become drunken PC executioners? When this question is asked by a strong woman like Shamsu, a police officer gives her a straight answer without any pity or regret – because the woman allows it. This is where both the status and the direction of the Darlings story is indicated, and the film delivers.

The film touches on important issues

I’m a bastard, but my love is not a bastard. Think if you don’t love then why kill? If you don’t love, why would you put up with it? In the film, when Hamza tells this to his beloved Badru, she fights a battle of heart and pain. The pain that Hamza gives him every night like a beast and the heart that still has love for Hamza. But even if she falls in love with the wrong person, should she be saved, Darlings talks about it superficially without even touching on the subject.

The closest mirror to domestic violence

Darlings tries to show how society sees domestic violence, but in the process of lighting the film, its effect is suppressed somewhere. Like turning up the music in your house after hearing the sound of the neighbors beating, but don’t get between Mian and the wife. Wives don’t complain to police even though they are suffering from domestic violence, if police advise divorce then parents feel that seal of divorce becomes so difficult for a woman. But most importantly, it offers two completely different solutions to combating domestic violence. Where Badru, despite struggling with domestic violence, wants to give her husband a chance and blames Daru for the abuse until it happens without Daru. On the other hand, Badru’s mother, who shows him only two options from the beginning – either kill the husband or leave him.

The music gives good support

There was never any need to explain why Gulzar Sahib was called the Wizard of the Pen. His magic is also clearly visible in the title track Please of Darlings. At the same time, the music of two songs of the film is given by Vishal Bhardwaj and his impression is clearly visible on these two songs. At the same time, these songs have a clear effect on the film and wherever the film starts getting serious, these songs alone are enough to lighten the mood of the film.

There should be a trigger warning

Dear, although a sensitive topic like domestic violence was promoted as black comedy, but when it comes to domestic violence, it remains only dark and the comedy seems violent. Certain scenes from Darlings can give many women the mirror of their lives and for that the film should come with a trigger warning. We would also advise that if certain parts of your life are still bothering you, your loved ones may be bothering you more than the fun.

The star of the film is Climax

Despite the flaws, the Darlings are back on top with their climax. Which will probably be on your mind from the beginning of the movie, but still gives you the comfort of seeing the same climax on screen. And that’s what makes this story a star. Usually, a predictable climax often spoils the audience’s mood, but this is not the case with Darlings. That’s why Darlings, despite being clumsy in the second half, refreshes you with its climax. From our side, this movie passes the entertainment meter. Darlings is streaming on Netflix.

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