Finding Karisma Kapoor alone at home, the young man entered the room, started contacting Karisma… FIR lodged

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Finding Karishma Kapoor alone in the house, the young man entered the room and started bonding with Karishma:- The style of Bollywood stars is so dazzling that no one can escape from it. Due to this the number of his fans is in crores. Moreover, it is very curious what happens in her real life not only with her acquaintances but also with her fans.

We understand your curiosity every time we reveal an anecdote about a new artist’s personal life. Today we bring you an anecdote from the life of Karisma Kapoor.

One day Karisma Kapoor was alone in her house. During this time some furniture work was being done in his house and a servant was called to help.

Carpenter wanted to take advantage of Karishma’s current situation when he learned that she was home alone. Entering the actress’s room, he secretly closed the door and began to steal. The carpenter did this job so well that the actress didn’t even get a clue.

You’ve probably heard this story for the first time. In the 90s, a person did such a disgusting thing after finding Karishma alone at home with her blue eyes.

As soon as the actress got the chance, the carpenter stole the bag that was kept in the actress’ bedroom. By the time anyone finds out about it, they’re gone. When Karishma came to know that someone had entered her house, she was completely shocked. Karishma frantically searches her house for the bag but does not find it. The actress later informed the police.

According to Karishma, he had a lot of valuables in that bag. According to the actress, the police found both the carpenter and the bag within minutes. Karishma’s bag was safe and was later handed over to her by the police.

There is no doubt that Karisma Kapoor who has produced many blockbusters like ‘Raja Hindustani’, ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’, ‘Biwi Number One’ will not forget this example.

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