Gehena Vasisth shared the photo of the bathroom, users were shocked after seeing

Geena Vasist: Famous actress Gehana Vashistha who is surrounded by controversies is making headlines every day. The actress, who is making noise with her pictures, posts something like this every other day, due to which she is being discussed everywhere. The actress did her topless photo shoot in the bathroom, the bold picture of which was released on Instagram. While sharing this picture, Jewel has given such a caption which is being discussed everywhere.

Actress Gehana Vashisht’s pictures keep going viral on social media every day, the active actress keeps sharing different kinds of pictures and videos on social media, her Instagram is full of her hot and bold pictures, this is not the first time that Even before she appeared in such a hot avatar, the actress has spread her style magic many times. Every day some of his pictures go viral on the internet.

In the photo shared by actress Gehana Vashisht, she is seen sitting on the edge of the bathtub in the bathroom. He is naked to the waist and has covered his body with his hands. Jewel Vashistha was carrying only a cloth on her lap. She captioned it, “I’m tired of my boyfriends treating me like an ATM.” In this way, Gehna Vashisht pointed out that her boyfriends are greedy and he only loves their money.

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