Good Luck Jerry Movie Review: Janhvi Kapoor Wins Hearts With Applause-Worthy Performance | Luck Jerry Review – A story of money, power, guts and emotion, Jhanvi Kapoor wins hearts with her performance


Jerry (Jhanvi Kapoor), who moves to Punjab from Darbhanga in Bihar, is struggling with her mother (Mita Vashisht) and younger sister Cheri when one day she suddenly encounters a gang of drug dealers. Jerry starts out under duress, but soon realizes that he can get all the money he needs from this job. Jerry needs 20 lakh rupees for his mother’s cancer treatment. Therefore, she does not want to get involved in the drug trafficking business. The gang members are also very independent of his work, because because of his innocent appearance, Jerry easily bluffs the police. But trouble begins when Jerry thinks about leaving the business. He and his family members are receiving death threats from the gang boss. But as Jerry says – “We are not as much as we seem”.. She did not kneel before the bullies and fooled everyone with her cunning. But how all this is possible.. It is quite interesting to see.


Janhvi Kapoor gave a stellar performance as Jaya Kumar aka Jerry. Filled with simple innocence, yet brave and smart, Janhvi firmly asserts her character. It won’t be wrong to say that Janhvi is getting stronger with every film she does. The emotion shown by Janhvi in ​​the emotional scenes of this film is quite impressive. One moment she appears innocent, the next she kills her opponents. Her character in the film has been given a Bihari tone where she hesitates a bit but covers up this flaw with her acting. There are some great scenes with Meeta Vashisht and Janhvi. At the same time Deepak Dobriyal, Sushant Singh, Neeraj Sood, Saurabh Sachdeva, Jaswant Singh Dalal .. all the actors are very stuck in their characters. The dose of comedy in the film is mainly attributed to Deepak Dobriyal and he has left no stone unturned here.


Directing the story of a mother selling momos and two daughters, Siddharth Sen has presented it in such a funny way that you are constantly attached to the film. Usually the emotional touch is lost from the story during remakes. But here the director has taken care of it. Also the good thing is that the movie doesn’t take much time to establish the characters, rather the story is taken to the main point in the first half hour itself. Yes, the story gets a little predictable at some places, but the characters keep you hooked on the story. Janhvi might be the main cast of the film but the good thing is that the director has given full space to the supporting cast on screen.

technical side

Technically the film is strong. Prakash Chandra Sahu’s tight editing takes the film a notch higher. At the same time, Rangarajan Rambandran’s cinematography is captivating. From the fields of Punjab, from the streets to the courtyard of the house, he has captured the camera with great precision. The film’s costume design should also be commended.


The songs of this film are composed by Parag Chhabra. The lyrics of the song are penned by Raj Shekhar which is excellent. Even after the film ends, the effect of his songs remains for some time. The background score of the film is composed by Aman Pant. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the film’s music makes the story stronger.


Just the right amount of emotion and comedy, a good story and a strong star… ‘Luck Jerry’ has it all. The film starts with an emotional tone, but towards the end there is such a rush that you are left laughing. The movie is released on Disney Plus Hotstar and is the perfect movie to watch with family. 3.5 stars from Filmbeat to ‘Good Luck Jerry’ starring Janhvi Kapoor.

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