Harianvi Dance: Gori Nagori dances in a crowded crowd, Tau begins to dance

Haryanvi dance

Haryanvi Gori Nagori Viral Video: The performance of dancer Gori Nagori, who has become the heart of the audience, is so killer that seeing her, her fans sigh day and night. Gori Nagori doesn’t need any identity among Rajasthani and Haryana audiences today. With the release of Dancer Gori Nagori Dance songs, they started creating chaos on social media. In this episode, a Haryanvi song ‘Badli Badli Lage’ from Gori Nagori is creating a buzz on social media. More than 3 crore 70 lakh people have seen this Haryanvi song. Gori Nagori is seen dancing energetically and waving her waist in front of a huge crowd on stage. This Gori Nagori dance video is covered on YouTube. Gori Nagori is driving everyone crazy with her stage dance.

Gori Nagori is sometimes seen dancing on Rajasthani songs and sometimes she hurts fans with her tremors on Harianvi songs. Gori Nagori is as beautiful as her dance moves are killer. This Haryanvi song is once again raising the temperature on YouTube. Haryanvi is seen spreading her charm in the song ‘Badli Badli Lage’. Fans can’t stop seeing their dance moves. Gori Nagori in a green suit is causing a stir.

This Gori Nagori video has been searched many times. At the same time, more than 16,000 thousand likes have come to the video so far. Fans are also commenting fiercely. It is clear from the views of the video how viral the video has become.

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