Host WordPress on Google Cloud GCP – Here’s How?

Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Hosting – Earn Money Online – Launch Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Website – In this article, I will show you how to host a WordPress site on a Google VM instance and then walk you through the details of installing WordPress on Google Cloud servers provided by Cloudways.

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The first method is rather technical and requires mid-level expertise in completing Linux commands and a basic understanding of the various piles. Management of Google servers also includes complex functions such as patching, mounting OS, firewall configuration, and manual execution by system administrators or server owners for backup.

There are many marketers and bloggers who search regularly online for google hosting WordPress, WordPress google cloud, host WordPress on google cloud and google cloud WordPress pricing, etc. related term because they want the best Cloud hosting.

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However, with the second method, through Cloudways, you can access their servers immediately and install your WordPress applications in several clicks. Cloudways is a cloud hosting platform that is easy to manage thanks to the platform, which provides the option to host your applications on Google Cloud servers. The integration of GCE with Cloudways opens a new world for offering exceptional reliability, speed, and uptime for WordPress-managed WordPress hosting.

Google Cloud Platform

Before delving into the process, it would be better to understand why Google Cloud Server is a good choice for hosting your WordPress site. When it comes to Google Cloud WordPress hosting, why prefer WordPress hosting that is managed like Cloudways over local Google Cloud web hosting?

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Why Host WordPress on Google Cloud?

Google Cloud is one of the most sophisticated, reliable, and fast cloud infrastructures and is increasingly used by large companies such as HSBC, Twitter, People, and Bloomberg. Here are some reasons why Google WordPress hosting might be a good fit for your website:



The uptime server is optimal for large e-commerce stores, trading sites, and news sites not very high – even a slight interruption in service can cause serious monetary damage. Google Cloud Engine is available for over 99.9%.


We all know that Google (almost) runs the Internet, so you must be above your game to rank at the top of the Google SERPs. This movement is one of the most important ranking signals used to rank a website on the Google SERP, which allows the Google Cloud Hosting WordPress website to accelerate.


GCE uses infrastructure that is similar to Gmail and YouTube. When was the last time you felt like watching a video on YouTube or sending an email to Gmail? It’s true, never. This means that hosting your website on Google’s cloud infrastructure must host in a hardware center and have available data.

The team behind Google Cloud worked tirelessly to improve its services and ensure better performance than its competitors. They do this by automating changes to the configuration, using additional validation layers to detect potential problems, and monitoring the impact of modifications on the infrastructure.


The GCE server is very mediocre and can easily handle an unexpected surge. They allow you to improve or reduce your server size without changing the IP address. While in Cloudways, you can monitor your server performance and grow your servers. There are many cloud infrastructure monitoring software that allows users to monitor the performance of their servers.

Types of family machines Google calculates:

There are four types in the GCE machine family, and each offers a unique price quote. Servers this robust are classified according to their price, performance, and cost nature. The following is a detailed description of the type of GCE machine family to help you understand and choose the best one for your desired WordPress site project.

1. General-Purpose Machines:

This type mainly focuses on cost performance, so you will find different GCE machines and series. Based on cost performance, the general destination machine type is further classified into three types; Optimized, balanced, and optimized.

GPM due to cost (E2): Virtual E2 machines are known as GPM costing and servers. It is designed for daily computing. These machines are cheaper than other families/types, and you can use E2 VMs for websites, applications, small to medium databases, and other microservices.

  • E2 Standard
  • E2 high memory
  • E2 High-CPU
  • E2 Shared-Core

GPM Balanced (N2, N2D, and N1): This category includes a variety of machines and series. They are suitable for medium-scale WordPress sites or online businesses.

Optimized scale-out: This is a high-performance machine primarily focused on scale-out workloads. These machines are ideal for web services, including microservices, transcoding media, etc.

2. Compute Optimized Machines (C2 and C2D):

CO machines are good for most WordPress businesses that require high computing resources. It is a very high-performing machine that can easily handle all sizes and the nature of a WordPress site.

3. Memory Optimized Machines (M1 and M2):

This machine family is ideal for high-intensive database workloads where memory is more important than the number of CPUs. M1 is ideal for databases in large memory, and M2 is ideal for databases in large memory.

4. Accelerated Optimized Machines (A2):

It is a perfect new machine family for high computing workloads, machine learning, in-depth learning, and more where you need high computing power. Unlike other types of families, the machine type is distinguished based on GPU counts.

Cloudways offers three types of cloud servers with the above GCE families in mind and your WordPress business.

  1. For small and online WordPress sites and online stores, it offers E2 Machines.
  2. WordPress Medium-Big-Big Site and Online Store for N1HC machines.
  3. For large-scale WordPress sites and display and online stores, C2 machines.

Why Cloudways for Hosting WordPress on GCE?

Well, if you don’t have previous experience with cloud server management and choose to host WordPress on the Google Cloud-President platform, you will be sailing into very deep waters.

It is not easy for average WordPress users to use GCE. There are many things to be done even before installing WordPress on it. You must purchase the instance on Google Hosting and create an SSH connection.

Yes! I know I lost you there.

The process is lengthy, and many things can go wrong. And if the process gets damaged, you must start again! Pleasure? There is no need! However, Cloudways make it easy! Simply register, and in a matter of minutes, you will have a Google Cloud server where WordPress will be installed. You don’t need to listen to me for this. View feedback and scores when a user launches WordPress on Google Cloud with Cloudways.