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Urfi Javed showed off her body without wearing a bra As for Urfi Javed, every time his dressage is beyond imagination. Every time the actress comes out with a bolder than her old dress and surprises the fans. But this time Urfi Javed has taken such a risk with his clothes that it might become a problem for him. The braless actress has tied the top with a thread at the front. Then he played such a game which was quite risky for him. The video of the actress playing the game wearing this top is going viral on social media and her dress is being discussed everywhere.

In this video, Urfi Javed is wearing an orange color open top. In this video, the actress is clearly seen wearing this top without a bra. The special thing is that Urfi has completely opened this top in the front and the top is tied with a thin thread in the front. Urfi wears low rise jeans with this very bold and lightening top

In this video, the actress has tied up her top with so many threads that one of her mistakes could cause her to become the victim of an Oops Moment.

For this purpose, Urfi tied the hair in half and parted half. Along with this, Satal looks very good in makeup.

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hot web After watching this web series, your senses will be blown away by the closing of the door.

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