How do I know who visits your Facebook without contact you?

How do I know who visits your Facebook? That will be the best in this article is to talk with your Facebook profile enters the intention that, as well. Well, as we will explain in an easy way to escape this dilemma.

How do I know who visits your Facebook without contact you? 

That I may know her that sojourneth in your Facebook, we have to carry out the following steps, will proceed to explain that it is also said below, it follows that, of necessity, is the most among them at the bottom of the letter, this way, to achieve the goal in your profile so that from a knowledge of the prefect of viewing. In order to do this without any application or program information.

You know who visits the steps Facebook 

And there come in the mind of the steps of the new profile is to be done with caution and we will give you may know that there is none that can be observed by for his friends. Therefore we will explain the timeless Facebook to know what a friend is. So let’s start our explanation:


The first thing you have to do is enter your computer has a Facebook account, because it was felt that this was to take steps that can make a mobile phone. So the beginning of each user’s password is entered once and go into a bow.

Enter the source code of the page

Once your Facebook profile, there will be a right mouse click anywhere on the screen, it can be shown that several options. Click where you see it and you see the source code. “

Another way is to do it by pressing the “F12” key or the combination of “U + government.” Along with this, I will open, and the number of copies, the screen is. letters and numbers, source code is shown, and where we can obtain the information we are seeking.

Search the “friendlist” 

However, this is already opening the page source code, you will have to press “The F +” keys, and our small search box will appear. This is a pointer to move the box and write the word ‘friendlist. “

Friendlist has to be written in lowercase without the quotes, then you press the enter key will be. You must make sure you write such a word, and I do not recommend doing it calmly.

You know, I want to copy the code

The results gave a prior art search friendlist steps, you will be able to make it through a list of the number of copies of the red and “-2”.These are the red numbers of your friends on the Facebook profile code.

 Anyone who looks at the top of your profile appears in your users the list and to asks most of all, among whom I have chatted with the Facebook message. These pertain to you to know that prior to the copy number is 2, that is, “01234567890”.

Because of this, right-click on it and giving it the option another way to make a copy of the “The 100 +” after he graduated from the book. Then you will have to go into your search browser.

Paste the code and find out if you are visits

You have to write the entire speech was followed by a Huntersville leader in using the process described by beating then click on the mouse to be well-pleasing cookie, even using this option in the “5 + Control” key.

Hitting enter on this page does, that the person who is late with you, you will not be able to do in each of those on that list, and that it is likely that it will be a big surprise when you see the man do not think you will find it. You can also see the people with whom you have exchanged comments, so you have to know a lot of research work is staying on your Facebook page.

Profile private Advantages and Disadvantages

The ability of the social network has no profile at all, it is in a public or a private individual who had it, no, not to the user to choose which of the two options. Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of that which is below in the profile of the private social network, we will give thee


You have the freedom to choose to follow the one who does not follow.

What is the most important is the assurance of safety in the face of the users to any social network, where they are able to avoid, came, and fake spam ideas, which is able to be a bit annoying.

This is particularly looking for, that the secret of their profile.

This type of profile allows you to observe without looking at anything or touch, or comment, since you can without being recognized.


He lost the opportunity to own a private citizen may be able to profile, and the same as with the other men of those not able to come near.

For example, in today’s social networks certain companies choose to run themselves known but must have access to a public profile.

What is the disadvantage of it is that same have a common characteristic, that it can not be kept secret, to keep what the bow.

As the doctor suddenly establishment of a new relationship opportunity.

It can be concluded that in these detailed steps, you can have access to information that you will learn a lot they do not know how the visits the Facebook profile. In addition, we want you to participate in this social network.

You know, we want to have a private bus to broaden Facebook to examine the advantages and disadvantages of our profile, so you can not know that they could be resolved. And if you want to proceed to apply for social networks.

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