How Safe Are Pedicures And Manicures?

Both the gel manicure and pedicures can stay shiny and chip-free longer than the customary ones. They can also cause risks as well. If studies are to be believed, there are ways in which the gel gets applied and removed can be risky. This will require regular disclosure to UV light and there have been some articles that advise that the digit damage has been some articles has occurred. Other dermatologists are treading carefully with this trend and the idea of manicure and pedicure is a great idea. 

This is until you realized how costly is the exposure to UV light the skin surrounding the nails. Along with UV exposure, Scher points out that acetone can be an offender as well. For removing the gel polish, women dip their nails and complete fingers into acetone. If you are getting a manicure every 2-3 weeks, this can dry out the nail and even cause inflammation to the covering skin. If you are getting the gel manicure and pedicure or will wait for more research. 

  • Benefits of getting a gel pedicure 

A Gel Nail Pedicure is a type of pedicure that uses a special nail polish that is applied to the nails with UV light. Gel nail polish has become more popular than traditional nail polish because it is longer lasting, and gives a more professional look. The gel nail polish covers your natural nails, making them look longer and prettier. 

If you are thinking about getting a gel pedicure, then here are some of the benefits that you can get from it. The gel nail polish will stay on your nails for at least two weeks or even more, depending on the type of process you follow. As manicures are a dying breed. In their heyday, before the technology boom of the ’80s and ’90s, women would have a weekly appointment at the nail salon to get their nails done. 

They would bask in a soothing foot bath and get a relaxing massage while they waited for their nails to dry under ultraviolet light. But then came computers, laptops, and smartphones. Women no longer have time for that kind of luxury. Nail salons got creative with ways to gain back business from tech-savvy clients. One of these was the introduction of gel manicures!

  • How do gel pedicures and manicures help?

There are the benefits of gel pedicure and manicure, you will find comparisons between gel and normal polished nails. There are benefits to both when it is applied correctly. The shorter drying time of gel pedicures makes Gel pedicures and manicures are a popular and effective alternative to acrylic nails. 

They can help with nail growth, strengthen weak nails and create a long-lasting shine. The gel is applied to the nail in the same way as an acrylic nail, but gel polish dries faster than acrylics and is less damaging to the natural nail. The gel forms a protective layer over the nail, which makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow. 

As such, you can have your nails treated with gel every month, rather than every two weeks as with acrylics. Gel pedicures and manicures are relatively new treatments, but they’ve become a huge part of the nail industry. The gel mani allows you to wear a fresh color for up to two weeks. The gel pedicure is great because it can remove calluses, smooth rough skin, and eliminate odor.

  • Longer duration of pedicure nails 

If you are able to keep a traditional pedicure untouched until it gets dried completely, this seems very long. For the price, you are going to spend, this can only last for two weeks. This includes touch-ups and you have to reapply a top coat to keep the polish covered. The gel pedicure will last for around 2 weeks without any peeling and can resist up to three to four. 

The reason why it does not last much longer is that your nails will start to increase out. In the case of Gel pedicure vs regular pedicure, you will be getting twice the value of traditional pedicures. There is no need to purchase extra polish to touch up the nails and you have to reapply a top coat after every few days to make them look fresh. You will save your money, but will also save your time as well.

  • Easy to work with 

If you are a nail design lover, it is worth giving the gel nail a chance. The gel polish is easy to work with the traditional polish when it comes to creating creative and interesting designs on the nails. When you perform the pedicure or have it done at the salon, the design you will pick for your nails will appear cleaner and more defined with gel polish.