How Traditional and Digital Marketing Complements Each Other?

Nowadays everything is moving towards online platforms like advertisements, promotions, and business campaigns. The reason is that the world is getting digital and it is happening at a very high rate. Marketers today believe that online marketing is the only way to achieve leads and targets. Emails newsletters, Social media campaigns like on Facebook, Indian social media, YouTube, website advertisements will be fruitful for their business. The fact is that it is true and the majority of people spend time online. On the other hand side, traditional marketing still holds the capacity as not everyone is online. Still, many people like to listen to the radio, watch traditional news channels, and like to read newspapers. 

The importance of offline marketing might be reduced to bits, but not vanished. Some products if marketed online will give results so will offline marketing. So, the trick here is to use the blend of both to create the effect for your marketing campaigns. 

Advertise both online and offline

The major purpose of advertising is to promote your brand, services, and products. All this is to reach targeted audiences and to gain their attention. The last goal of marketers is to attract new customers and convert them to permanent prospects. If you will see from this perspective you will find that you’re online and offline efforts will not be able to deliver the best results. Instead, you will only be able to cover a part of both. You will be able to find many examples of big brands who switched totally from traditional TV ads to social media. 

The fact is both digital and traditional ads follow the similar principle of attracting new customers. Then there is another side of the coin you cannot abandon another technique. The reason is that it will not be a good idea for your business. Online advertisements go viral quickly and reach an audience quickly. Using social media networks will deliver your message efficiently. Offline ads for the people who are offline and TV ads deliver messages to your offline audiences. This is why it is important to focus on both and give priority to both the resources, getting the best of them equally. 

Online and offline brand promotions

The fact is if there is brand awareness then it will attract the attention of people and your sales promotions will bring in customers. Also, there is the thing that not all people will follow your brand no matter how impressive your brand promotion is. There might be millions of people who will be aware of your brand but this does not mean that all of them will be engaged. People who do not like spending time online will skip engagement with your brand. 

This means if you focus on just social media you will miss some part of your customers. So try to focus on both offline and online sales by delivering messages online. Use magazines, newspapers, and other traditional methods to promote coupons and discounts. This will cover all the areas and will be fruitful for your brand. At least you will get noticed by all. 

Online strategy for offline sales

Today the majority of business activities are conducted online because people are engaged online. People look for communities, social media, and blogs to entertain them. Technology did not give any new things in the field of marketing but traditional marketing got digitalized. There were many new tactics invented by digital marketing besides being more efficient and faster as compared to traditional marketing.  It will be wrong to say that traditional marketing is dead as some methods still hold loads of power to win the audience’s heart. For example, if you have opened a new clothing store or a bakery shop you cannot place online promotions for this. People will not be able to try clothes online or taste your bakery stuff online. You might have got an idea of how powerful offline promotions can be. 

Control publicity 

Publicity is important for any business and brand so make the best out of it, how? Make use of both digital and traditional marketing. First of all, educate people about your brand and do this with the help of events, arranging debate, speech, surveys, etc. you can even gain publicity by writing good content.  Content works well with both online and offline marketing. Online you can create content for Facebook, Indian social media, and offline you can create brochures, magazines, newspaper ads. 

Final verdict

No method is better or worse than the other; it is just how you use it. Both complement each other so make them your strengths and use both methods equally to establish your business. Your marketing efforts will pay off if you know how to create campaigns both online and offline. So, create the best strategy for both while starting campaigns.