Kannada Actress Chetana Raj News: 21-year-old Kannada actress Chetana Raj passed away due to botched plastic surgery

Canadian Actress Chetana Raj News:

Canadian actress Chetana Raj died today The video says he died due to botched plastic surgery. The report also states that he died due to a mistake. It was learned from the information that the actress was admitted to the hospital for a fat-free surgery on Monday. Then his health started deteriorating immediately after that, the water started freezing in his lungs and that’s why he died today.

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Canadian actress Chetana Raj passed away News:

Canadian actress Chetna Raj passed away today due to botched plastic surgery. It is clear from the information that the Canadian actress Chetna Raj did not in any way talk to her parents about this plastic surgery and did not even inform them. And she went to the hospital with her friends. After the death, Canadian actress Chetna Raj’s parents say the doctor’s negligence led to their daughter’s death.

Canadian Actress Chetana Raj News

Canadian TV actress Chetana Raj passed away:

Canadian actress Chetna Raj’s parents filed an FIR against the hospital. It became clear that Chetna Kusav is still in the hospital. Chetna Raj will be taken to another hospital for autopsy. On the other hand, Chetna Raj’s parents have filed a complaint in the nearby police station regarding this matter. Let us tell you that Canadian actress Chetna Raj is also present in Delhi stores like ‘Dorasani’ and ‘Geeta’.

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Chethana Raj News in Hindi:
Chethana Raj News in Hindi

As much as Raj’s father Govinda Raj says that. He says that when he spoke to the media, he said that Chetna Raj was admitted on Monday morning around 8:30. Also, Kitna’s father Raj says that by the time we get to know about it, the operation has started. The evening after the operation, water began to form in his lungs and he began to have problems breathing, and there were no facilities in the intensive care unit at the hospital.

Canadian TV actress Chetana Raj passes away News in Hindi:

Canadian actress Chetna Raj’s father Govinda Raj has filed a case against the hospital and has also complained about it.

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