Karishma Kapoor: The sudden marriage of Karishma Kapoor and Salman Khan

Karishma Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor: Karisma Kapoor is another name in Bollywood, her film career so far has been quite spectacular as she has given not one or two but many hits to the Bollywood industry and she has driven the entire film industry crazy except for Karisma. Kapoor’s personal life was not good. They divorced soon after the marriage. Since then, Karisma Kapoor has done such a thing that her marriage is being discussed everywhere. The news of her marriage with Salman is going wildly viral on social media. Today we will tell you the whole truth.

Karishma Kapoor: Famous actress Karishma’s marriage discussions, growing closeness with Salman, know all the news

Nowadays everybody respects and respects Salman Khan a lot. Talking about Salman Khan, he has earned a lot of name and money in his life due to which he spends his life in a very luxurious way. Talking about Salman Khan’s personal life, he is still not married, even at the age of 56, he is a bachelor. What makes fans look forward to their wedding? Various news about their marriage continues to come on social networks.

Because of this, there is talk of marriage for both of them.

Recently, Salman Khan’s sister Arpita hosted an Eid bash at her home which was attended by many stars. Even Karisma Kapoor came to sample the feast. Many pictures from the Bairam party went viral, but the pictures shared by Karisma grabbed the most attention.

Karishma Kapoor: Famous actress Karishma's marriage discussions, growing closeness with Salman, know all the news

In the pictures, Karisma Kapoor is seen hugging actor Salman Khan. Both Salman and Karisma looked very happy. Fans’ hearts were also broken in these photos. People loved the pairing of Salman and Karisma and expressed their heart in the comments section.

Let us tell you that Salman Khan and Karisma Kapoor are very good friends, but after seeing this picture of Karisma Kapoor, some people say that she can only marry Salman Khan, while there is nothing like that.

Some people commented on the photo and wrote Marry both of you… Others wrote please marry… Another user wrote Marry Salman Sir Karishma you both look very good… You have worked in movies and you both look really great… Actually and the two Salman and Karisma fans want to be seen as a real couple.

Karishma made a marriage announcement on Insta

A few days ago, Karisma Kapoor asked on her Instagram whether she should get married or not? In response, he said, “I want to get married again… if I fall in love again, I will get married again.”

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