KGF Chapter 2 Boxing office a huge weekend Worldwide 500 rupees in just four days | KGF Chapter 2 Cashier – 520 kr for 4 days

great profits on sunday

KGF Chapter 2 created chaos at the box office on Sunday in terms of profits. On Sunday, KGF won a gross of 104 kroner in India. The film earned a net worth of 92 kroner in India on Sunday. This includes the Hindi gain of 52 kroner. On Sunday, the film won 12 kroner in Kannada, 13 krora in Telugu, 5 krora in Malayalam and 8 krora in Tamil.

Employment over 70 percent

On Sunday, April 17, the film’s employment ranged from 75 to 77 percent in both Kannada and Hindi. Hindi theater cities such as Chennai also witness 98 percent employment, while Kannada’s movie employment remains above 85 percent on Sunday in all cities.

Will you leave Bahubali?

In terms of the way the film wins, this is not right in India, but at the Hindi box office, KGF Chapter 2 can definitely abandon RRR and Bahubali 2. The word of mouth of the film is also great.

Opening 100 crores

It was thought that with the opening of KGF Chapter 2, the record for the discovery of Bahubali 2 and RRR could be broken. But the film missed out and gave rise to 116 crores. Of these 112 kroras, 22 kroras are in Kannada, 8 krora in Tamil, 26 krora in Telugu, 5 krora in Malayalam and 53.9 krora in Hindi.

fell after opening

After a staggering 116 kroner on Thursday (April 14th), the film fell 21 percent in India on Friday to 90 kroner. That figure dropped further on Saturday, and the film won 82 kroner in India. But on Sunday, the film flourished and won 92 crores.

Hindi profits are going well

Speaking of the Hindi box office, this film starring Iasi has placed flags in the Hindi box office. After opening 53.9 rupees on Thursday (April 14th), the film earned 46 rupees at the box office on Friday and 42 rupees on Saturday. But again on Sunday, the film won a jump of 52 kroner.

how long will life be

As the word-of-mouth of KGF Chapter 2 is huge, it is estimated that the film could win up to 910 kroner in India. At the same time, this figure can reach 400 kroner in the Hindi treasury. Speaking of the world box office, KGF 2 will win between 1200 – 1350 kroner worldwide.

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