Know how Ragini looks from the farewell serial now, the big heroine is also a failure

If you love watching TV serials, then you must have heard about the serial ‘Bidaai’ which airs on Star Plus. The series aired between 2007 and 2010 and was a great success. The story of this series was very liked by the audience. Sara Khan has been a big hit since her previous serial. Remember the actress who played Sarah’s sister in the movie? Where are they now?

Parul Chauhan’s life is very exciting and glamorous

Sara Khan has played the role of Sadhna several times. Ragini’s character is played by actress Parul Chauhan. Ragini is just a dark girl. You must have seen many such simple characters on screen. Actors who play glamorous movie stars in movies are often gorgeous in real life. Parul Chauhan’s life is very exciting and glamorous.

It’s hard to find a place in the industry with your dark complexion

Parul is also quite gloomy in reality. Due to his dark skin tone, he had a tough time in the industry. Parul said that when she was cast as Ragini, she was surprised that a girl like her could be considered for the lead role.

Parul achieved success with the portrayal of Ragini

Parul was born in 1988 to a middle-class family in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. She comes from a small village and has made a name for herself across the country. Parul had great success with the portrayal of Ragini. After working in serials like “Pratha” and “Punar Vivah”, Parul is ready to try something new. However, Parul has been out of the industry for some time now.

Parul is very different in real life

In 2018, Parul married actor Chirag Thakkar. Although Parul remains very active on social media. Ragini and Parul are quite different in real life. You can tell this by looking at his social media posts.

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will now be seen in this show

If reports are to be believed, Parul will be seen in Sony TV’s new show ‘Dharma Rodha Garuda’. In his trap, there is a lot of curiosity about Parul’s return. Once again, Parul is expected to entertain the dam people with her acting.

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Know how Ragini looks from the farewell serial now, the big heroine is also a failure

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