Laal Singh Chaddha Collection Box Day 3 Saturday 13 August | Laal Singh Chaddha Box Offices: Day 3 Earnings

lower than expected opening

Like every Aamir Khan film, Laal Singh Chaddha was expected to have a strong opening. But the film opened only 12 crores, beating everyone’s expectations. However, it was believed that now that Aamir Khan will arrive at the box office, this year’s Bollywood drought will end and like any other film, Aamir Khan will create a new history at the box office.

Included in the top 10 opening

Aamir Khan starrer Lal Singh Chaddha may have given an opening of 11.7 crores but still Lal Singh Chaddha has joined the list of top 10 best Aamir Khan movies at number seven. The film registered 21 percent occupancy on the first day.

This is Amir’s record

If we look at the figures of Aamir Khan’s highest grossing films, then all these films had a slow start at the box office. Slowly these movies started earning after positive word of mouth. Aamir Khan’s top films include Dangal, Ghajini, 3 Idiots, all launched between 10 – 15 crores at the box office.

profit from the second day

Laal Singh Chaddha took a sharp leap at the box office on the second day on August 12. The film earned only 7.2 crores. That was a 37 percent drop from opening earnings. However, since it was a Friday, the revenue remained low. The film was believed to show an advantage on Saturday.

third day profit

Showing an edge on Saturday, Lal Singh Chaddha earned 9 crores. On Saturday August 13, Lal Singh Chaddha recorded 18 percent occupancy at the theatre. In the morning show, that figure was just 10 percent. In the evening show, this figure reached 25 percent, and it was believed that the night show would earn more. But occupancy fell back to 22 percent in the nightly show.

180 crore movie

Lal Singh Chaddha’s budget is 180 crores. So far, the film has earned a total of 27 crores in three days. In such a situation, it seems impossible for the film to earn 180 crores right now. But Aamir Khan is known to do wonders at the box office. It remains to be seen if any miracle can happen with Lal Singh Chaddha.

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