LIC POLICY: Cost of only 45 and benefit of 36 thousand direct, learn full news

Life Insurance Corporation (Lic): Let us tell you that low risk investment schemes do not provide an opportunity to get a huge return on the low amount of investment.Rather, the country’s largest state-owned insurance company Life Insurance Corporation of India ie. LIC, has a very big plan. Which will give you a solid return to maturity? To get the full return, you will need to save very little on a daily basis. This plan is currently called LIC Jeevan Umang Policy. Tell me the LIC plan which is much discussed, read the whole post in detail, directly you will get big benefits for small amount.

Jeevan Umang Polly

To prepare you financially for emergencies or old age and retirement, Jeevan Umang policy will get you a good amount for a small investment as a perfect risk plan offered by LIC. Let us tell you that the rule of taking the policy is very broad, it can be taken by a person from 90 days to 55 years. Or the policy also offers premium payment term options of 15, 20, 25, 30 years. If you want to get paid at that age, you can take it too.

Jeevan Umang Poliy details

Let us tell you that this plan gives the policy holder financial security for himself and his family along with the payout. Explain that the policyholder is also entitled to an annual survival benefit from the end of the premium payment period till maturity. Here too, a lump sum is provided to be paid over the life of the maturity. You can also get money throughout your life there is a scheme

Jeevan Umang Return Policy

Let us tell you that you will get the full benefit of ₹ 36000 but with a monthly premium payment of ₹ 1350 per month which is a cost of ₹ 45 per day. And there is 1350 for 1 month, one can get insurance 450000. If the premium is paid for 30 years then this amount will be around 476000. And it will be approximately ₹ 15882 per month. In the 31st year, you will get a return of ₹ 36,000 per year.

Kindly advise that if this policy dies before reaching 100 years then many other benefits including lump sum payment will be available here. All those interested in Jeevan Umang policy can visit LIC official website.

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