Liger Box office day 1 opening prediction advance booking report vijay deverakonda hindi debut.

Liger Advance booking

In Delhi-NCR also, the performance of pre-booking is reported in Mines. Vijay Deverakonda is the superstar of the South, so it is obvious that the release of Liger in Telugu is getting a good response in Bengaluru. 15-20% of shows fill up quickly on the first day. The best situation is seen in Hyderabad.

Liger’s First Day Earnings

Where at historic lows with 75-80% of shows already sold out or filling up fast. Enthusiasm for Liger has not caught on among audiences in Hindi-speaking cities. The film received a slow response in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Kolkata.

Liger’s worldwide box office

The Telugu version in Chennai fills around 15% shows while the Tamil version has around 20% near full shows. According to a website report based on worldwide advance booking reports, the film could earn more than Rs 25 crore on the first day at the worldwide box office.

Liger’s opening day earnings at the box office

Talking to an English website, the film’s exhibitor and distributor Akshay Rathi said that “Don’t put too much pressure on the producers and Vijay Deverakonda for the Hindi version because technically this is Vijay’s first film to release in Hindi. So that. , Keeping this in mind, there could be a 5-6 crore profit for Hindi at the box office.

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