LOVE AFFAIR: This actress had an affair to take revenge on her husband


There are many similar scandals in the film industry too that we are not aware of. We have brought such news here for you to know them by name and job. This 90s actress Poonam Dhillon had an affair with someone else to take revenge on her husband. Poonam Dhillon was considered everyone’s favorite actress. He had won the hearts of his fans with his art. There used to be a lot of love and respect for Poonam Dhillon in the hearts of many people.


Poonam Dhillon was a famous Bollywood actress in the 1970s. In 1977, she won a major pageant called Miss World. After that, people started to like him more. Here, Poonam is living her life as an actress well, while her domestic problems have had some ups and downs.

poonam dhillon love story

Poonam’s love story is also different like Poonam. Once he met Ashok Taqueria and just like that the meeting turned into love. Poonam Dhillon had decided to marry him but the people of his home were not ready for this marriage. His family members tried to calm Poonam down and stop him. But Poonam Dhillon did not agree and got married.


However, only 2 years after their birth, a rift occurred between the two. Along with the rift between them, there were so many fights that their relationship started to fall apart completely. When the media came to know about it, she was trolled a lot, due to which many problems came in her career as well. His career was at stake.

why did you have an affair

The media then came to know about Poonam’s husband’s extramarital affair. Whatever was happening in her life had a deep impact on Poonam Dhillon due to which her personal life was greatly affected and she became very upset and frustrated.


The media said that Poonam did this whole affair to teach her husband everything. She found a unique way to teach her husband a lesson after seeing their personal relationship fall apart.


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