LPG CYLINDER: Strong offer on LPG cylinder, buy it soon for Rs 750

New Delhi: Now inflation has ruined the budget from common people to businessmen across the country due to which everyone is upset. The prices of propane-butane bottles, as well as gasoline-diesel and food products are rampant. Because of the price of the bottles, the bill for the national cuisine is staggering.

Meanwhile, if you want to buy LPG cylinder, then this news will prove to be very useful for you. Now you can buy cylinders very cheaply. Now the government has introduced composite cylinders in many cities, which you can buy cheaply for 350 rupees.

The market price of the composite cylinder is fixed at Rs 750 which is good according to your budget. This cylinder holds 10 kg of gas. It is also very easy to carry anywhere. The government has already allowed the use of composite gas cylinders in almost all cities.

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