Mahesh Bhatt was candid about his own daughter Pooja Bhatt, also in a relationship with Alia Bhatt

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Mahesh Bhatt was a successful director and actor in the Hindi film industry. Mahesh Bhatt has always been open about his personal life. Mahesh Bhatt’s elder daughter Pooja Bhatt started her career with the film Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi. Pooja Bhatt has worked with her father Mahesh Bhatt in both film production and direction. In the past, Mahesh Bhatt was criticized for expressing his desire to marry his daughter. Everyone was surprised when the daughter kissed her father on the lips.

Many years ago, a photo shoot was done for a magazine with daughter Pooja Bhatt in which father and daughter were seen kissing. When the magazine came out, people were discussing it. There was a lot of discussion around his photo. Amid the controversies, both Mahesh-Pooja called the photo fake. However, the argument did not end there and Bhat called a press conference, but the purpose of the press conference was not fulfilled and in fact the argument between the two deepened. During this conversation he had said – If Pooja was not my daughter, I would have married her.

Although later he also clarified He said that after the photo shoot he got depressed due to the allegations against him and that’s why he gave statements like marrying Pooja. Many people have discussed the personal life of Mahesh Bhatt. He married Kiran Bhatt in 1970, Together they have two children, Pooja and Rahul Bhatt. However, Parveen left Kiran because she was deeply in love with Bobby. Mahesh and Parveen had a live-in relationship for three years, but Parveen’s mental illness made it difficult for Mahesh to live with her.

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