Mika Singh got Dulhania, 12-year-old friend Akanksha Puri chose Humsafar

Mika Di Vochty: The wait is finally over! Mika Singh until finally Akanksha Puri I found my soul mate. Akanksha Puri in the middle show wildcard entry took it now I dream of marrying Mika Singh became true. Mika Singh took the closest and special friend akanksha puri He is chosen as his companion. She married Mika Singh Akanksha Puri took part as a wild card in the middle show for Micah’s voice His dream of becoming one came true.

Mika Singh and Akanksha have been friends for 12 years

Mika Singh and Akanksha Puri It is very old and special. Mika Singh and Akanksha Puri have known each other for around 10-12 years and both have supported each other every step of the way. but now both The deep bond of friendship turned into love and why is that Mika Singh chose Akanksha Puri to vote Well.

12 girls came with the dream of becoming brides of Mika Singh

12 beautiful girls had entered the singer’s swayamvar with the dream of marrying Mika Singh and becoming his bride. Mika Singh’s special bond was evident with every girl. But out of these 12, only three girls made it to the top 3, holding a special place in Mika Singh’s heart.

Akanksha Puri reached top 3 in a row

Apart from Akanksha Puri in the top 3, only Neet Mahal from Punjab and Prantika Das from Kolkata made it. By the end of the show, Mika Singh had a beautiful bond and chemistry with Neet and Prantika. Neet and Prantika do their best to make a place in Mika Singh’s heart and become his life partner, but Mika Singh’s 12-year-old friend Akanksha Puri wins.

When will Mika Singh and Akanksha Puri get married?

Mika Singh, while delivering his verdict, said that he sees a special friend among the three Akanksha, Neet and Prantika, but the votes for him are Akanksha Puri. Mika Singh completed the beautiful journey of his swayamvara by carrying a garland and bracelet to Akanksha. However, Mika Singh did not marry Akanksha Puri in the show and only the actress was chosen as his companion. Now let’s see when fans will get to see the grand wedding of Mika Singh and Akanksha Puri.

Akanksha and Mika Singh’s friendship for the past ten years

Seeing Akanksha Puri in Mika Singh’s swayamvara, many people including the contestants had a question that if Akanksha knew Mika for the past 10-12 years, then why did she wait for her swayamvara to marry the singer? We know you will have this question on your mind too, let us tell you.

After entering the show, Akanksha said that she is a very good friend of Mika Singh. But when he saw Mika getting close to other girls, he became jealous and that’s when he realized his feelings for Mika. Akanksha Puri then took a wild card entry in her swayamvar to become Mika Ki Dulhania regardless and see Akanksha Puri won Mika Singh’s heart with the Swayamvar show.

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