My story: Creating a fake profile, I said that I have a relationship with my brother-in-law, which I find nothing wrong with

After I got sick of my husband Ours Approaching the son-in-law, whose So not only did I create a fake profile, but I also talked to him a lot. But one day something happened that I Scared too much. Then I did something that saved my marriage to this day.

I am a married woman. I have not been married for a long time. I had an arranged marriage. My parents introduced me to Vishal. This is also one of the reasons why I didn’t know anything about my husband before marriage. My problem is that after marriage I started feeling very depressed. In fact, after I married Vishal, my family life instead of being good, started to deteriorate. I did not receive the love, care and warmth that I always expected from this marriage.

Before marriage I believed I could learn to love him and I did, but he still hasn’t been able to love me. I always long for his love. When I try to talk to him, he complains that he is busy with work. He has absolutely no time to spend with me. He doesn’t pay much attention to me. To be honest, I had never felt so alone in my life before marriage. (All pictures are indicative, we keep their identity secret in the stories shared by users. Although the real names are also hidden in this story. The names used are completely fake)

he didn’t understand my needs

Since things were not going well with Vishal, I started spending all my time with my mother-in-law. Fortunately, she is a very kind and caring woman. She also likes to talk to me. My time with them is going well. But when the night comes, I also feel that like other women, I should spend romantic moments with my husband, but I was not lucky.

We’ve only been married for a year. In such a situation, we have been intimate only a few times, also according to his mood. He never cared about my needs and wants.

I felt strange seeing Rishabh

I felt very weak in my marriage as in the meantime Vishal’s younger brother Rishab left his job in New Zealand and returned to India. I met him for the first time. I didn’t see him at the wedding. This is because he did not have a return visa at the time. So when I came back I was completely stunned to see him. This is because Rishabh is very handsome to look at. Not only does she have a great height, but her voice is amazing.

The first thought that came to my mind after interacting with her was that how happy this girl will be to get Rishabh as her husband. This is also because his nature was very amazing. Not only did he take care of everyone, but this gesture of his also made me die for him. My story: I’m fed up with my husband, I’ve caught him red-handed many times

I created a fake profile on a dating app

Rishabh was so handsome that I couldn’t take my attention away from him. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I gradually fell in love with him. All this was happening to me also because my husband was not paying attention to me at all. I started getting closer to Rishabh. I started feeding it every day. I also started talking to him about his life in New Zealand. Meanwhile, one day I saw him checking out girls on a dating app. He secretly checked profiles of girls.

I don’t know what exactly happened to me, but that night I downloaded the same dating app that Rishabh was using and created a fake profile of myself. I put a very beautiful picture of me looking at the sunset so he can’t see my face. Not only that, as soon as I added an interesting bio, he contacted me. We both started talking to each other a lot. My story: My husband has an illicit relationship with his manager, he is a divorced woman

we both started talking different things to each other

Rishabh was also very romantic about making love. He wanted to see other pictures of me, but I held back, saying that keeping a little secret was also better for the relationship. I also asked him, can we focus on the present? We can both feel romantic at any moment. He agreed to this. Slowly we both started flirting with each other. We even talked about sex. I didn’t find anything wrong with it.

Maybe because I enjoyed every moment with him so much. However, somewhere I knew it was all terribly wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. My story: My husband’s aunt has made my marriage hell, she won’t let us spend the night together

I was so scared

Within a few weeks we both became very close to each other. We both started hooking up with each other. Meanwhile Rishabh started insisting to meet me. He wanted to meet me but it was not possible for me in any way. But one day, while I was still talking to him, Rishabh suddenly came to my room and started asking me for advice about our situation. He told me that he wants a girl who is me, how can he continue with her.

At first I wondered why he had come to ask for my advice. But I sent him from my room, giving his general suggestion. This act of his scared me so much that within a few days I deleted my profile so there would be no doubt. Maybe I did because I couldn’t get caught up in such dirty secrets and lies. I didn’t want to spoil my family’s name.

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