Nyasa Devgan was doing this work in the club sticking to this guy, see photos here

Nyasa Devgan: Although there are many couples in Bollywood, but everyone’s favorite is the famous Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan and the cutest actress Kajol. Both are husband and wife and both have a daughter, their daughter Nyasa Devgan is very active on social media, so far Nyasa has not entered the Bollywood world but her fan following is no less than an actress. Fans are showering love on the daughter of both and Kajol Ajay Devgan is also getting a lot of love from fans.

Nyasa Devgan is very active on social media and keeps sharing her pictures and videos every day, fans like her a lot, recently she made headlines, after all what is the reason for it.

Once again, photos of Nisa partying with friends appeared on social networks, which are becoming more and more popular. In these photos that have surfaced, Nyssa is seen in bold style with her friends.

In the photos, Nisa can be seen engrossed in party fun at the club with Orhan and her other friends. Let us tell you that Orhan is Jhanvi Kapoor’s boyfriend and has been seen partying with almost all the star daughters. In such a situation, Nyssa also likes his style very much.

Let me tell you, this is not the first time that Nyasa has raised the temperature on social media by sharing bold pictures from the marriage before appearing in her hot avatar, though not everyone can see her pictures as her account is private . And she herself is published somewhere.

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