Overview of Technological Changings in Custom Packaging

Years over the years, the packaging industry absorbed new methods for generating packaging boxes and packing. This change brings gradually became more innovative, widespread, tangible, and long-lasting. The consequents of these new technologies sometimes leave enduring impressions. On the other hand, sometimes it fades from packaging with trial and error results. 

Why Custom Boxes Need Technological Advancements?

A few times ago, product manufacturers used premade boxes that were simple and constructed with low-quality material. Next to this, premade boxes don’t have particular printing information of brand on the box. So, no single person wants to buy their products packaged in a box with zero information of brands and does not show the product’s authentication proof on the box. 

However, the use of custom boxes offers an opportunity to the customers to design the box according to their customization. Thus, brands can use custom sizes, styles, designs, add-on, cardstock, and many other printing options as per your choice. And with the passage of time, custom packaging requires changing to stand out in the industry and compete with the environmental challenges. So, let’s take an overview of the latest packaging trends. 

Dissolvable Product Packaging 

As the name shows, dissolvable packaging means that not take too much time in decomposition. So, edible packaging is an attention-grabbing and innovative substitute that facilitates the dependence on fossil fuels. Also, it has the capability to significantly decrease our carbon impression that is exactly the demand of the consumers. Dissolvable packaging exists in two types:

  • Bioplastic- It makes using raw materials extracted from natural sweeteners, algae, and natural dyes using the peels of vegetables and fruits like beetroot, cucumber, or apple. 

  • Corn starch Based Packaging- The major source used to construct this packaging is corn starch. It has the consistency of plastic and produces polylactic acid, and is also known as PLA plastic. 

Both packaging innovations are eco-friendly and promote no more polluted environmental purposes. Plus, bioplastic is decomposed in 4 months, still in winters automatically. 

Smart Custom Packaging Boxes 

Smart means the best, affordable, and sustainable packaging solutions that you can obtain from customization. The use of custom packaging boxes offers you the option to choose the exact size of your box as per the quantity or size of products to save our natural resources. Also, it reduces the extra cost that we invest in the large-size product boxes. Plus, it means the cardstock that your pick for your boxes must be durable and long-lasting. 

Insignia Technology in for Custom Food Boxes 

In this technology, packaging suppliers use smart inks and pigments that will change color depending on the temperatures of CO2 level in any product. So, it will detect how your food is fresh after opening the seal of your food item. If the label of packaging is blue, it means the product box is leaked, and a center dot of the label change their color from yellow to purple. Yellow indicates that the product is fresh and best for your use, whether purple shows that the product is past preeminent, not in the present. 

Automated Home Delivery Services though Drones 

As we know, after COVID-19, the maximum people prefer to buy their products and goods through online moods. So, now brands face issues to delivering the products on time and as much as possible to facilitate their clients. At this moment, the use of drones to ship the product at customers’ doorstep is effective to ship products in a short time and protect the delivery persons from the virus. 

The Invention of Kraft Corrugated Material for Eco-friendly Environment 

The packaging technologies offer the invention of corrugated material made from Kraft. So, it means this material is eco-friendly, recyclable, biodegradable, and durable to protect your products. The corrugated material consists of the flutes that decide the durability of your product. These flutes are sandwiched between two Kraft liner boards. Here is the list of flutes that are used in corrugated material. 

  • A flute ¼” ( Triple wall)

  • B flute 1/8″ (Double wall)

  • C flute 11/64″ (Double Wall)

  • E flute 1/16″ (Single wall) 

  • F flutes 1/32″ (Single Face) 

So, you can choose the size of flutes and linerboard styles as per your product’s demand and budget. However, using Kraft corrugated made boxes is best to ship fragile products, pizza, and many other purposes. Plus, this cardstock is used to insert dividers and partitions in the boxes to securely hold your product. 

Automation Technology for Packing and Generating Packaging 

A few decades ago, men’s intensive work was more common in the companies to generate products and their packaging.  But the use of robotics and automatic machinery change the whole scenario. Nowadays, the whole process is changing with a men-intensive approach from machine intensive approach. It saves time and your power that are serving in more creative innovations. Therefore, products suppliers use plants and machines that automatically generate products and pack them in their packaging. Similarly, packaging brands also use the latest printing methods and coatings on your custom box packaging with the help of technology. 

QR Scan Code on Products Boxes 

With the changes in the packaging industry and our lifestyle, QR scan is quite common in all industries. Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to find and match the codes for authentication. So, the trend of “Quick Response” scanning code is emerging, and brands use it on the boxes of their products.  This code is unique and never similar to any other code of the products. It solves the issue of copy and duplicate products selling in the market with the same name. So, either you provide cosmetic products, baked products, and any other retail products, you must mention a QR code on your printed custom boxes. 

Sum Up Discussion 

The above content presents an overview of technological advancements in custom box packaging. It tells how you can create an everlasting impression on your customers by providing facilitation and bets unboxing experiences. Also, we are able to shift from men-intensive work to machine-intensive work with the help of automation and robotics systems. Plus, the self-heating boxes are the best way to keep your food warm for your customers. And the use of drone order delivery protect you from damaging your products in shipping and deliver your products to customer’s on-time. Hence, we do not leave technological advancements and suitable packaging solutions. https://www.cityofpackaging.com/