Part 3 of Sursuri-Li Ullu Web Series is here, the trailer will remove your water

The third part of Sursuri-Lee is now available on the Ullu app. Erotic web series in hindi. Sursuri-Lee Part 3 will be released on July 15, 2022. Sursuri-Lee Part 1 was released on July 1. The web series stars Nidhi Mahavan, Ajay Mehra, Mahi Khan and Jai Shankar Tripathi. This web series is directed by Hasan Shahid Naqvi.

Sursuri-Lee Web Series Part 3 Available for Download on Ullu App The last web series produced by Ullu App was Churiwala Part 1 starring Alia Naaz and Pallavi Debnath. The web series recently launched by Ullu App aims to keep a specific audience in mind.

Sursuri-Li I Part 3 Story

The story of the third part of the web series continues. In the fifth episode, Sur and Surili’s marriage is finally settled. Sur is asked by Sully to prepare for the first night. Sur’s cousin Bahubali also attended the wedding.

sursuri li part 3
Sursuri-Li Part 3: Sursuri-Li Ullu Web Series Part 3 Trailer Will Take Your Water Away

In fact, Sur does not like Baahubali as her marriage with him has already broken up once. During a visit to Dawood’s clinic, Kamini strikes up a conversation with him, making her feel strongly attracted to him. Dawood often visits Kamini’s house. As they become romantic, her husband knocks on the door and she becomes intimate with him.

Surili’s father called Surili’s father to inquire about the dowry she was promised. Surili’s father did not give her a dowry. Eventually, Sur and Surili get married. Dawood and Kamini were busy with their work. Suril’s father introduces his inspector friend to Suril. If you want to know the whole story, watch online web series on Ullu app.

There are many exciting scenes in Sursuri-Lee Part 3. Mahi Khan was a big part of the show in the first five and six episodes. Sursuri-Lee Part 3 consists of 4 episodes and lasts 95 minutes. Nidhi Mahavan, Mahi Khan, Ajay Mehra and others appear in the web series. Sursuri-Lee Part 3 is scheduled to release next week.

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Sursuri-Li Part 3 Trailer

sursuri-li part 3 cast

Shrestha Gupta as Aunty

As Bahubali Rohit K. lion

Tanisha Kanojia as Lila

Nidhi Mahavan as Suril

Ajay Mehra as Suri

Jai Shankar Tripathi as Rajni

Ankur Malhotra as Dawood

Mahi Khan as Kamini

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