Pictures of Rakhi Sawat and her boyfriend having fun at the airport have gone viral

Pictures of Rakhi Sawat and her boyfriend having an airport romance have gone viral; A video of Rakhi Sawant is going viral on social media. Adil and Rakhi’s immense romance is seen in this video.

Rakhi Sawant Adil Durrani Love Life: Rakhi Sawant always pulls out some jugaad to be in the headlines. But this time the drama queen is discussing her personal life. Some time ago, Adil Durrani entered Rakhi Sawant’s love life. There is also a huge chemistry between the two, not only that, the love between them is also huge. Recently, when Adil came to Mumbai after a long time, Rakhi Sawant couldn’t control her emotions and did something at the airport itself which is being talked about everywhere.

Let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant was waiting for Adil at the Mumbai airport for a long time, so when her eyes saw her love, it became difficult to control. When she saw Adil, Rakhi hugged him and started expressing her love in a very beautiful way. During this, she showered her boyfriend Adil with roses and expressed her emotions. Rakhi Sawant was then seen hugging Adil in such a way that both of them stayed away from each other for many years.

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