Plastic Business Cards: Why They’re Such an Inexpensive Choice

Plastic business cards are an affordable way to promote your company. They’re also easy to use and efficient for both you and your customers. Plastic cards are a great alternative for anyone looking to spend less on their marketing materials without compromising quality. Here, are 5 reasons why plastic business cards are the way to go.

Plastic business cards are affordable

Plastic cards can be made for as little as $3 each. That’s not a typo. They can be designed to look as professional and high quality as traditional business cards for a lot less. Also, they’re durable. They’re very unlikely to be ripped and easily replaced. They’re easy to use If you prefer the simplicity and efficiency of carrying a stack of cards around, plastic cards are the way to go. They’re very thin and convenient to carry around. Plus, you can stick them on the inside of your wallet, in your car, or on your desk at work. There are plenty of different models that work with a wide variety of different phones. No printing The only time you have to worry about printing is if you’re hosting a formal event. Otherwise, they’re perfect for daily use in an office setting.

Plastic business cards are easy to use

We all have seen the hundreds of happy employees using these simple plastic business cards and immediately asked themselves why we should give them a second thought. Though their design may be different from the iconic designer options like the postcard, they’re basically a derivative of the same item. The main thing differentiating them is the material they’re made from since there are many alternatives available. Plastic business cards are thin, durable, and they come in multiple colors so that you can create a design unique to your company and to your customers. Plastic cards are affordable All you need to get started is a blank card and some business stamps. Your employees can simply flip the card over and stamp it with your logo or company name.

Plastic business cards allow for customization

Customized business cards with a design you have in mind are a great option for business cards that aren’t created out of a company’s logo. Instead, you can just use any color of card stock available at your local card store, personalize the border and the text, or even hand-stamp your logo onto the card, giving your customers an even better product for the price. Plus, if you choose a vibrant color, like blue or purple, your customers will be happy to receive a colorful, eye-catching piece of your company’s branding. Personalization is easy Once you have your company’s name printed on the card, you’re ready to go. But what if your customers don’t already know your business’s name?

Plastic business cards stand out in a crowd

For many businesses, printing your logo and name on a piece of paper makes you instantly recognizable. Using a plastic card with your logo means that you stand out in a crowd. With a simple tap of your credit card, you can pass on a business card that you designed for your company. You will leave your stamp on the customer’s mind. Plastic cards are environmentally friendly Handling paper business cards can be difficult for the environment. Plastic cards have no additional waste creation, so it’s best if you replace all of your paper cards with plastic. If you use plastic cards, you can carry up to 25 of them in your wallet. You can use them on top of any type of card stock, which means they won’t chip or tear easily.


Giving out paper business cards is a bad idea in every way imaginable. You might be tempted to go paperless and switch to plastic business cards, but if you look closely, there are still some serious issues with paper that make it a poor choice. If you want to give out information in a high-quality, sleek, and professional manner, there is no better choice than plastic business cards. What do you think? Have you ever seen a card that is both paper and plastic? Why or why not?