Post Office Scheme: Avail lakhs on an investment of Rs 100

Mail scheme: Being financially stable is very important nowadays. Nowadays you should definitely invest in some kind of savings scheme. You should invest in this type of scheme which will keep your money safe and give very good returns. If you want to invest in a scheme knowing about it, then a postal recurring deposit will prove very good for you.

what is this scheme

The most important thing about this scheme is that it is run by the government. So there is no risk to invest in it. In this scheme you can earn huge profits by depositing little money. You will be glad to know that an RD account can be opened for just ₹100.

Currently, its interest rate is 5.8%. There is no fixed period for depositing money in this account. You can open this account for as many years as you want. In this case, you have the highest chance for huge profits. Under this scheme, you get quarterly interest on the deposited money. That is, interest is charged on your deposited money every 3 months.

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How to open an RD account

If you want to open this account, you must be over 18 years old. You can also avail this scheme through joint account. Further, a minor can also open an account under this scheme at the post office on behalf of the guardian. If the age of the minor is above 10 years, then the account can be opened for this scheme by the guardian on his behalf.

money will be made this way

This way you will know if you deposit ₹ 10,000 per month in this account for 10 years. So at an interest rate of 5.8%, you will get Rs 16,28,963.

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